News of 3203 Turn 29

Settlers on Vulkan Dateline 3203.012, Vulkan Quadrant 0 In a controversial move, a group of independent settlers have set up a new colony on Vulkan. Despite international agreements that this world should remain an unspoilt war grave, settlers, apparently originating from quadrant 6 worlds have moved in over the last few octants. A spokesperson from […]

News of 3202 Turn 28

Asteel Summit Hailed as a Great Success Dateline 3202.390 Asteel Q0. The official communique of the Asteel Summit indicated an unprecedented degree of cooperation and agreement. Although the full text has yet to ratified, it appears that delegates were able to agree a ‘substantial amendment’ to the provisions of the Treaty fo Old London. It […]

News of 3202 Turn 27

Mass Arrests of ‘Berserker Sympathisers’ Dateline 3202.198, Nebok, Quadrant 7 International observers are reporting unprecedented levels of arrests of what are being described by the local government as ‘Berserker Lovers’. The Government, under President Angmar Archadius, has, it claims, unearthed a major pro-Berserker conspiracy on the planet – pervading all levels of society and politics. […]

News of 3202 Turn 25

New Berlin Anti-Earther Riots Dateline 3202.204, Q0 Martian security forces brought the streets of Vannasee ( the capital city of New Berlin Q0) under control after three days of violence and street figting. The weekend started peacefully enough with a planned demonstration complaining about Earther intervention in Binni, with a march to the Earth Consulate. […]

News of 3202 Turn 24

V6 Planetquakes Destroy City Dateline 3202.119 V6 Quadrant 7 Xyonist seismologists on V6 were taken completely by surprise by a sudden, and unprecedented planetquake surge under the Northwest Continent. The epicentre was near the city of Toyoda, and virtually every building in the city was destroyed by the ‘quake. Losses are less than feared at […]

News of 3202 Turn 23

Quadrant 3 ‘Ultron Crisis’ Growing Dateline 3202.075, Q3 Reports are now being confirmed of a major military criris developing in Quadrant 3. Warships from all polities are reported as having been taken over by malicious code embedded in the new Ultron anti-piracy device. Doomsayers are announcing widely that they ‘told us so’. Dr Henry Pymm, […]