News of 3202 Turn 22

Insider Incident ends in Settlement Local Dateline Q8 3202.042 A variety of reports from the Insider System in Quadrant 8 have been telling of a standoff between Venerian, Earther and local independent forces from Knobknocker and Digger over trade rights. The situation got pretty heated at times, it seems, but careful diplomacy on the part […]

News of 3201 Turn 18

Binnian Colonists Request Membership of the Union Stardate 3201.263, Binni, Quadrant 0 After the unpleasantness on Binni earlier this year, a joint communique from 3 of the four colonial administrations on the planet has officially asked to be considered for membership of the Martian Union. Mars has been very popular since its military and humanitarian […]

News of 3201 Turn 17

Draconians complain of ‘human rights’ abuses Local Dateline 3201.155, Gryt, Quadrant 7 The legal representatives of a small poor colony on the edge of Quadrant 7, Draconis, have formally filed a complaint against the Earth Empire with the Sirian Socialist Republic. Their claim is that several years ago a huge Earth fleet turned up out […]

News of 3201 Turn 15

Colonist leader shot dead Dateline Bandog Q8, 3201.091 Unidentified gunmen in Bandog’s remote north-western continent have killed a prominent colonial leader, officials say. Mondal Mondrian and four male relatives were shot dead as they drove down a street in the region’s main city. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack. Previous attacks on pro-government […]

News of 3201 Turn 14

Deadly ship collision Dateline Winky Q6, 3201.043 A crewman rescued from his ship later died in hospital. One Martian crewman is known to have died and eight others are missing after their ship collided with a Sirian freighter off Winky Station. The Martian Crew were on board a Centauri-registered ship. Starguard said shuttles and other […]