New of 3206 Turn 56

Great Storm Closes Spaceport

P14 Q5 3206.160

In an unprecedented climactic change, the whole northern hemisphere of P14 has been wracked with massive storms for over an octant. the storms have been so extreme that many buildings in rural areas have been flattened, and the capital city’s spaceport has been closed. “This is a disaster of biblical proportions” said Mercy Shereake, the world’s High Councillor. “The economy was sturggling as things were – we’re in a fine mess now.”. The storms have now abated and the colonists of P14 are trying to put their colony back together in the aftermath.

Jurgensen is ‘Bothered’ Tucana

Sector AG 3206.118

Tarra Jurgensen, winner of last years ‘Watch Your Back’ so-called ‘reality’ show on the colony of Tucana has made a spectacular bid for the big time.

The multi-media performance of her new song ‘Bothered’ from the album ‘I like Pink Puppies’ has been released by the Sensovision corporation on over 100 worlds, including Quadrant Zero. The hit was acclaimed by the industry media who gave it the prestigious Britney Award for the cheesiest pop single of the year at the annual Spedaline Awards ceremony.

Jurgensen was originally a megadon fillet quality control monitor at the Hudson Creek Special Cake Factory, until she won an audition for ‘Watch Your Back’. She then went on to win the WYB contest – beating 12 other contestants in an octant-long broadcast of day to day close public observation involving bizarre tasks and drug-induced misbehaviour. She won on the basis of her looks, personality and willingness to use extreme violence on her house-mates.

Ms Jurgensen is 31

Heinlein On Election Trail

New Venus Q0, 3206.156

Election fever (of a sort) is even gripping the Venerian Republic, with President Heinlein on a tour of the Quadrants to drum up support ahead of the Republican Executive Committee (RExCom) confirmation vote on the presidency later this year. His move is a highly unusual one – Venerian Presidents tend to remain close to the seat of power, and there has even been some criticism of the President for “erratic behaviour” and leaving the ship of state “rudderless” during difficult times – something almost unheard-of in the closely-controlled Venerian media, and leading seasoned RExCom-ologists to suggest that there are rival factions within RExCom who are testing their strength.

Tidal Wave devastates Coastal City

Condemn Q2 3206.139

The Earth Quadrant Governor for Q2 has declared a state of emergency on the world of Condemn as a 30 metre high tidal wave inundated the Capital City, Jordan and the surrounding countryside. According to a quadrant government spokesperson “…this is the worst environmental disaster to hit the colony since it was founded, some 100 years ago”.

Earth Naval ships, together with merchant ships hired by aid agencies have converged on the stricken world, bringing technical assistance and much needed medical supplies.


Governor Refuses To Stand Down

Tinky Q4, 3206.142

In an extraordinary move, Venerian Q4 Governor Andrzej Kacperek has refused to stand down, in spite of being recalled to Q0 to run the Venerian Distant Colonies Programme in the New Year Honours List. Governor Kacperek, who is very popular in Q4, said that the order had not been signed by President Heinlein and therefore was illegal. He alluded to “dark forces” that were in the ascendant on New Venus, taking decisions which “were contrary to the interests of the Venerian citizens of this great Quadrant”. Governor Kacperek is famous for tackling corruption and piracy within the quadrant, in 3202 even going so far as arresting local top naval commander Admiral Britany Hevanski (see INN T24).


Lady of Steel Defeated

Jink Q8 3206.160

The parliament of Jink has thrown out the ruling conservative government after 31 years in power. The opposition parties were assisted by rebels from within the Conservative’s own ranks, who were objecting to the government disasterous economic and trade policies – which, the rebels claimed – had led to the rapid decline in the colony’s economy.

The outgoing Prime Minister, Mrs Hermione Weaver, was reported to be in tears – a real surprise for a Prime Minister known, not altogether affectionately, as the ‘Lady of Steel’. The election, to be held next octant, is still likely to return a Conservative government – though with a much reduced majority.


Bomb Devastates Station

New Edo Q0, 3206.172

A large bomb went off in the Boswell Grimes Station in the Capital, Wampoag City on New Edo,virtually destroying the station and severly damaging the neighbouring LexCorp building – killing 13 people and seriously injuring 51.

This is the first terrorist outrage of its type in the city, and Cops and security services were apparently taken by surprise. DAFT (Asteel Faction) have claimed responsibility, and promise further ‘direct action’ unless their (so far unspecified) demands are met.

The major of Wampoag City said “I’ll be damned if I will give in to these madmen! We will hunt them down like the crazed raptors they are”. A spokesperson for the security services intimated that they had a number of intelligence leads, and hinted that the perpetrators would be arrested soon.


Prelate Sniped

Silkey, Sector AH, 3206.160

The Chief prelate of the Church of Clewg, the Jolly Reverend Ian Ching was gunned down by an assassin as he returned to the main Clewgist Temple at the end of the traditional two day October Festival Of Clewg. His bulletproof limousine was halted by some unexpected roadworks, and while his bodyguards cleared the way, the Jolly Reverend was hit several times by shots from what Cops are saying was a ‘military-grade sniper weapon’. This killing will only exacerbate tensions between religious communities on this world – and the rumour that rival Church of Satan extreme evangelists may have hired an off-world assassin to remove the outspoken religious leader is fueling widespread militancy among many communities here. Already there have been localised violent outbreaks, and the colonial government is drafting in additional militia to the main trouble spots.

Catch a Falling Star (Party)

Gapann, Q4 3206.111

There were stormy scenes inthe Senate on Gapann this octant, as the local planetary First Minister Walter Ambrose struggled to hang on to his tiny majority. Accusations of corruption and misconduct were flung from both camps – the ruling Star Party and the opposition Freedom Party. The political punch-up ended in a vote of no confidence, in effect bring to an end the government of the hapless Ambrose’s unpopular administration, a mere two years after being elected.

It is generally though that the opposition Freedom Party will probably win the mid-term elections, though they may have to form a coalition with the minority Reform Party to push through any major legislation.

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