News of 3205 Turn 52

Deadwood Secure

Dateline 3205.340, Deadwood Q8
As a result of efficient military action and a prompt colonial government response, the hostile xenomorph outbreak has been brought completely under control. Only minor damage has been suffered to McKewan city, mainly from ‘sanitising strikes’ on the outskirts by military heavy weapons. Rumours that the local commander was considering taking off and nuking the whole site from orbit are being officially discounted. In the fighting around 200 civilians lost their lives and a further 1,500 injured with 25 military personnel being killed, including a number of offworld security consultants. It is reported that several thousand creatures were exterminated and the subterranean chambers they originated from destroyed.


News of Political Referenda – from our colonial correspondent

Reports are coming in of a number of colonial worlds considering referenda on membership of a major polity.
Jigger, Q8 and Joice Q6 have voted to remain independent in recent referenda. The New Draconis CO-prosperity Sphere has collectively decided to remain outside a major polity.
Cowboy Q2 has voted to join the Venerian Republic with effect from the start of 3206.
Crabston Q3 referendum has resulted in the colony applying to join the Union of Xyon with effect from the start of 3206.

Another Ceasefire Brokered

Dateline Orion Q8 3205.348

After considerable violence over recent octants, and the collapse of the Clewgist Government of National Unity on Orion, together with tripartite security guarantees from Earth, Xyon and Wolf colonial governments, a shaky peace has once again been patched up. Under pressure from offworld interests, the locals have agreed to limited autonomy for the regions that are, de facto, under FONZ control. Military and political advisors contributed from Earth, Xyon and Wolf have been touring the planet helping the regions achieve a peaceful transition to the new political arrangements. Rumours are that the increased cooperation locally is as a result of pressure from Quadrant Zero to reign in some of the more ambitious local forces – particularly those from the Empire. Violent is still occurring, especially where Clewgist and New Davidian communities are more closely linked, but there are signs that this might be reducing, gradually.

Violent Demonstrations on New Venus.

Stardate 3205.351 New Venus.

Following the dramatic public announcement by the Minister of Moral Affairs last quadrant, there has been widespread public concern about policy towards the ‘Exterminator Homeworld’ that the government has claimed it has discovered.
Large numbers of citizens have taken to the streets, illegally, to demand that the government immediately launch the Fleet to attack the enemy at their home. There was a certain amount of violence as police moved to disperse illegal demonstrations all across the planet. Slogans such as “Kill the HEB” – “Destroy the Enemy” – “Revenge Now!” – “Send the Fleet NOW!” are appearing on walls and while the protest movements have gone largely unreported in the Venerian government-controlled media, some parts of the Venerian Government are reputedly ‘concerned’. This, together with the President’s departure of a so-called ‘Grand Tour’ has been taken by critics outside the government as a sign of dangerous weakness in the administration. Splits within the ruling RexCom committee are rumoured, as well as suggestions that Heinlein has ‘lost the plot’.

Reclusive Genius Dies in Lab Accident

Dateline Asteel Q0 3205.351

The suburbs of Lemur City on Asteel were rocked by a huge explosion as part of the prestigious Institute of Advanced Science was destroyed by what investigators are called a ‘freak lab accident’. 17 workers died in the accident, including the renowned reclusive genius and polymath Professor Rufus T Telferscott. Telferscott was famous for shunning not only publicity, but human contact of any kind. He is rumoured to have been working on captured Exterminator technology at the time of his death, but Government sources are playing this aspect of his work down, preferring to concentrate on his record in energetics and cryptography. This government secrecy is understandable – he was also rumoured to have been working on new weapons research for the GFA Navy – which, if true, would explain the high degree of security at the labs and the Government’s reticence as to his latest projects.
Prof Telferscott was unmarried and left no family.

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