News of 3206 Turn 54

Epidemic Hits Common Market

Dateline Digger Q8, 3206.039

The first outbreaks of what is being tentatively identified as a strain of Dino ‘flu have been reported on the independent world of Digger, a member of the DKK Common Market. Other DKKCM allies have been sending aid to the stricken colony, as over 350 cases have been reported to date. Strict quarantine rules have been imposed, and medical aid is being sent from 3 Kings, Kidman and the Earth colony of Saint Elvis. It is expected that the epidemic will be brought under control within the next octant or so – though this is stretching the colony’s resources.

So far no aid or support has been offered from their trading rivals, the Three Worlds Trading Zone.

Corruption Spreads in Q7

Dateline Frunz Q7 3206.003

As if the Martians weren’t having enough trouble in their outer quadrants, a new case of widespread corruption has come to light on the colony world of Frunz. Senior politicians in the planetary council have been arrested for vote-rigging and for giving preferential support to certain contractors in return for substantial bribes. Most important of those arrested was Planetary Councilor Giovanna Vleming, long time supporter of Quadrant Supreme Councilor Bradbury. There are rumours that the corruption might be more widespread than just this planet – but at this stage the police are refusing to be drawn on ‘pending investigations’.

Planet of the Dead

Dateline The Joy, Q7 3206.017

An Esteeler patrol visiting the site of the severe dino-flu epidemic, The Joy, has found no survivors living. Environment suited landing parties discovered that those who had not died of the ‘flu had been killed in a ferocious ‘war’ among the survivors. It would appear that approaching starvation and desperation drove the small bands of survivors to attack one another over the last supplies of antibiotics and food – at one stage it seems they were using clubs and rocks. There is also evidence of some cannibalism. A spokesperson for the survey team said “ was horrific – like some sort of throwback to the pre-space age..”.

Trial for Anti Social Crimes

Dateline 3206.049 Clewg Q8

In reports from the People’s Court No17, a major member of the planetary politbureau, Fidel Jaudon has been arraigned for ‘actions contrary to good social order’. This is SSR-speak for corruption – though the Republic does not officially admit to any corruption in its worlds. Jaudon is widely rumoured to have been involved in a wide-ranging organ-legging operation, using his second hand robot spares business as a cover. Officially he is being tried for an obscure breach of the labyrinthine administrative procedures for which the SSR is famous. The crimes apparently came to light as a result of the investigations of Inspector Ferrus Van Der Valk – a well known local police detective.

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