News of 3206 Turn 59

Crime Boss Escapes Assassin But Not Justice:

Dateline Aggadah Q0 3206.301

Crowds gathering outside the Hall of Justice in New Neopolis today scattered in panic when shots rang out as Snyder Rini arrived to hear details of the charges against him. They had been hoping to catch a glimpse of the head of the Toto Rini family, the most notorious of the mafia families here on Aggadah. No one was hurt in the incident and a man with a gun was arrested. Police Chief Lorenzo Kaskanis said: “Lo hanno mancato ed il signor Rini รจ OK. Abbiamo pensato che potessero provare qualcosa di simile ma siamo troppo buoni per loro.”

The arrest of Mr. Rini on charges of grand larceny is the result of an undercover investigation by the ISD aimed at cracking down on piracy and those who control it. It is being seen as a major breakthrough in the fight against organised crime which has sent shockwaves through the criminal underworld – not least because there are rumours that Snyder Rini is preparing to do a deal with the authorities. Federal Prosecutor Nico Claassen refused to be drawn on whether or not Mr. Rini had been offered immunity but confirmed that further arrests could be expected. There has always been speculation about how far Mafia connections extend into the upper echelons of Aggadahrian society and the trail of such a key figure could well expose this. Prime Minister Ourania Nikolakopoulis was not at her official residence today, but her spokesman said that she had expressed “deep joy” at the news of the ISD investigation.

Wing Crisis Deepens:

Dateline Q0 Wing 3206.300

Rumours are flying all over known space of battle fleets converging on the tiny independent colony of Wing in the wake of the recent fighting between the New Baalian Colony, and Colony 17.

In anticipation of an enforced ceasefire, CC17 armed forces – recently re-equipped and upgraded – launched yet another offensive against the New Baalians, presumably seeking to knock them out altogether and secure control of the northern part of the Eastern Continent. So far reports are coming in of a spirited defence by the New Baalians, who despite being outgunned and overmatched have been fighting a desperate rearguard action in the Iron Hills and the coastal forests of their colony. The New Baalians have also formally requested help from the Union of Xyon, and Xyonist warships have been reported in system, together with fleet elements from the Wolf Commonwealth and the Earth Empire. Reports are also coming in or senior diplomatic figures from the Centauri Conglomerate and the Venerian Republic arriving in system ‘for talks’.

Sources close to the Planetary Council of Wing say that there is ‘great consternation’ that the unrest planetside (caused in no small part by the intransigence of the CC17 colonists) will precipitate the invasion and annexation of Wing by the so-called ‘great powers’.

Daring Pirates Loot Colony’s Orbital

Dateline 3206.315 Talby Q0

The defenders of Talby’s orbital station were in for a nasty shock, as a small ‘fleet’ of up to a dozen armed merchant ships, crammed with ruthless and murderous space pirates sneaked into the system and stormed onto the systems orbital.

Despite action by the orbital’s defensive systems (which clamed to have inflicted heavy casualties on the raiders) – the orbital was boarded and large quantities of valuable removed, including computer cores, a small amount of hyperlynium and several million credits in trade goods. A spokesperson for the Colony said “We are all completely in shock. Nothing like this has ever happened here before, and with all the high profile anti-piracy activity in recent years we thought the pirate menace was a distant threat indeed. How wrong we were.”. Initial estimates are that over 120 people lost their lives in the raid, including 30 security personnel.

Intelligence assessments leaked to INN indicate that this attack was probably conducted by out-of-quadrant pirates – probably from Quadrant 4.

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