News of 3206 Turn 60

Colonial Referenda and Memberships – from our colonial correspondent

The following colonial worlds are planning referenda:
Breech Q2 on 3206.380, considering membership of the Republic of New Venus, the Union of Xyon or the Sirian SR
Ruritania Q1, on 3207.050, considering membership of the Union of Xyon or the Sirian Socialist Republic
MB291 Q5 on 3207.150, considering membership of the MAFC or the UOX
Ka’pul Q3, on 3207.200, considering membership of the UOX or the Earth Empire
Z135 Q7, on 3207.020, considering membership of the Earth Empire, the Sirian SR or the New Draconian Coprosperity Sphere.

Referenda have been held on the following worlds:
Fairy Q8 has held a referendum and has decided to apply for membership of the Union of Xyon, with effect from 3207.001

The following worlds have voted against holding a referenda on giving up their independence:
Morpork Q2.


Planetquake Devastates Second City

Dateline 3206.316 Conqueror Q2

Hundreds of people are feared dead and thousands injured after a powerful planetquake struck the city of Attilla, the second largest city of the Conqueror Colony, a city of 1.5 million inhabitants. Whole buildings, apartment blocks and an elevated highway collapsed killing at least 200 people and injuring some 13,000. The City of Bonaparte and the ancient city of Freelander were also severely damaged. The planetquake measured 7.2 magnitude and was the biggest to hit Conqueror for 47 years.

Hundreds of people are trapped under the rubble of flattened buildings, but damaged power lines and water pipes are hampering the rescue effort. Reports say at least two people died when the elevated section of the City motorway connecting Osaka to Kobe collapsed in three places. It threw 50 vehicles off the edge and left a passenger transport hanging over the edge. Mass transit systems were derailed and power cut in some areas, leaving a million people without electricity. Many hundreds of people are out on the streets wrapped in bedding, too afraid to go home in case of more aftershocks.

Thousands Die As Colonists’ Ship Crashes

Dateline 3206.330 Jerry Linder Q8

Reports are coming in of a disastrous crash on Jerry Linder in Quadrant 8.
It is believed that new colonists attempting to settle the world lost their main colony ship which malfunctioned in orbit and crashed onto the planet. It is estimated that over 900 colonists died in the crash, and a further 2,000 died later of starvation, as they lost all contact with the outside universe for nearly a year. The disaster was only discovered when a routine contact ship arrived to see how the colony was getting along. Accidents to new settlements are not unknown, but this is thought to be the worst case for over a century.

Many Killed in Sectarian Violence

Dateline 3206.342 Feltten Q2

Serious fighting has broken out between the followers of the Church of Light and Harmony (CLH) and its breakaway sect, the Church of Harmony and Light (CHL) leaving around 70 people dead and a number of suburban districts in the capital, Enlightenment City, in flames. The colony was originally founded largely by members of the CLH religious community, but over the last decade or so, a scism has built up – resulting in the formation of the CHL. Such is the irreconcilable nature of the divide between the two sects that the colony is not only split on sectarian lines, but repeated ‘tit for tat’ murders, violence and assassination is breaking out. In the last few months, the two sides have become increasingly heavily armed – spending their congregational funds on weapons and off-world mercenaries “for protection”. The current bloodshed was probably inevitable.

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