News of 3207 Turn 64

Pirates Cripple Orbital

Dateline 3207.105 The Joint Q7

Casualties in the hundreds have been reported as a result of a major pirate raid on the brand new orbital at The Joint in Quadrant 7. The colony had only just commissions the new orbital to support the increasing trade to the rebuilt system (readers will recall that the original colony was destroyed by Exterminators at the end of 3197). Apparently taking of advantage of the fact that the stations defensive systems were not yet on-line – a force of at least three pirate starships and reportedly several hundred heavily armed pirates stormed the station and looted it of several million credits-worth of stores and equipment. The pirates we, reportedly, led by the feared Captain ‘Suzie’ Chiang. Captain Chiang is currently on the ‘most-wanted’ lists of every nation in Q7. According to report of her career she has survived 17 separate assassination attempts and is responsible for the taking of 71 ships and over 100 raids on independent worlds.
A spokesperson for the colony said “This is terrible! It will take us many octants to recover form this setback. Thank The Ideal the orbital was insured!”

Religious Riots Challenge Government

Dateline 3207.118 Z155 Quadrant 8

A battle for political supremacy on this struggling colony burst into violence on the streets. Over a thousand Satanists clashed with the majority Christian Police and petrol bombs were thrown. 172 rioters and 2 police were hospitalised. The ruling Christian Socialist party – comprised exclusively of First Church of Earth adherents has lost its majority on the ruling colonial council, and is being challenged for control by the minority Free Thought Party and its allies, who draw its support form the large Satanist minority in the colony. The FTP has for a long time claimed that the Christian Socialists have been openly condoning religious repression of the Satanist minority – and they are particularly critical of the police, who are 97.2% Christian First Earthers. The current First Minister, the Reverend Ian Floralpattern said “We do not surrender to the blackmail of Satan or his minions. I’m a fair man, a right-thinking man, and I have the best interest of the community at heart. But I will not bow to the men of violence.” FM Floralpattern is projected to lose the forthcoming no-confidence vote in the council.


Border Skirmishes

Dateline 3207.105 Bean Quadrant 6

Conflict has escalated along the borders between the colonies of Home of the Brave and Pikkeldonia. As is common with these conflicts, the dispute is largely about the control of vital resources such as red mercury. Neither side appears prepared to negotiate, and there are reports of an arms build up as both sides’ armed militia have been taking potshots at each other and at surveyors and explorers. The most recent fighting has been the heaviest yet, with several hundred reported casualties and involving groups of several thousand militia. At present there is no sign of a negotiated settlement to the conflict, though uninvolved colonial groupings, Strongbadia and Colony 271 are apparently attempting to intercede.


No confidence crisis

Dateline 3207.117 Stuart Quadrant 6

The colony of Stuart is being abandoned as a result of a completely lack of confidence by colonists and investors in the colony’s administration and government. The colony, which is less than 20 years old has never managed to rise above subsistence level, and this failure to grow has been blamed on mismanagement and failure to plan. The colony failed, earlier this year, to gain a refinancing package – and this has led to its final closure. The colonists will mainly relocate to the nearby colonies of Jackson, Lee and Grant.


Unexpected Orbital Accident Shocks Maldenites

Dateline 3207.166 Doitall Quadrant 0

A shuttle crashed into Dendara Orbital in the Doitall System yesterday, killing all 12 occupants of the shuttle and 42 residents of the orbital. Space traffic control were reported to be ‘shocked and stunned’ by the accident, which is the first space traffic accident ever in the system. Rumours are that the crash might have been a deliberate attempt to damage the station – although the local crash investigators are apparently keeping an open mind on the subject. A committee of investigation has been interviewing witnesses and the remains of the shuttle have been shipped to the Semaj Institute for detailed forensic examination. A spokesperson for the Orbital steering committee said “This is most distressing – fortunately the impact point was industrialised and an area of sparse population – but the loss of life is deeply upsetting for us all. We cannot imagine how this could happen”. The political impact of the incident might very well be felt more widely within Mald space, as reaction form the population is showing major concern – Mald orbital space is famously safe due to the high quality of its space crews and space traffic control systems and accidents extremely rare.


Dangerous Virus Spreads

Dateline 3207.154 Nasa Quadrant 0

An outbreak of an unusual virus has been reported in Campbell City on NASA The virus, which has caused the quarantine of the City General Hospital is proving difficult to contain, and the authorities are reporting a number of fatalities, as the victims of the virus become very violent, apparently. This is not the first outbreak of this virus, which is being dubbed ‘Virus Z’ – the previous was on the independent world of Verdant – and reports from there indicated that it was contained and a strict quarantine observed. How the virus had escaped quarantine is not clear at this stage. A spokesperson for the hospital said “This is a virulent and highly dangerous virus which we believe we have contained within the hospital – we have, however, posted a symptom diagnostic on the planetweb and any suspected cases should be isolated and reported to the authorities immediately.” Rumours of a planned lockdown of the systems orbitals have been dismissed by the Head of Planetary Security, who said “We have a wide range of contingencies in place – a contingency plan is a long way from taking action”.

Colony Destroyed : Terror or Accident?

Dateline 3207.162 MR901 Quadrant 0

The colony on MR901 has apparently been destroyed either by a major accident or by terrorist activity. Traders report a huge crater in the place where the main colonial landing site of the struggling colony was, and debris all around consistent with either a terrible accident or deliberate mass-driving of the colony. There were no survivors found, and no trace of the 40-50,000 inhabitants.

Venerian Colonial Governor Resigns

Dateline 3207.151 Tinkey Q4

In an unprecedented move, the popular Venerian Quadrant Governor of Q4, Andrzej Kacperek has resigned his position and from the government. This move follows what appears to have been a major dispute with the ruling RexCom in Q0. Although not made public, insider sources indicate that Governor Kacperek, a long time supporter of missing President Heinlein was due to be replaced by a Vice President Kudriavy loyalist placeman. Kacperek at first challenged the appointment through the courts, but on being threatened with arrest by the Kudriavy regime, stood down – according to close friends to’ spend more time with his family’. He is now in hiding – reportedly in fear for his life from one of the Republic’s famous political assassination squads.
Observers outside the Republic see this as just one of many political ripples caused by the power vacuum left by the disappearance of President Heinlein. Conspiracy theorists are having a field day with many believing that Vice President Kudriavy is in the process of conducting a coup d’etat and was responsible for the President’s disappearance.
Within Q4, many have privately expressed support for ousted Governor Kacperek, though obviously few will come out into the open with such ‘treasonous’ views.

Peace Brokered on Wing

Dateline 3207.181 Wing Q0

Following the heavy fighting and military intervention of interstellar forces on Wing earlier this year, it seems that the situation has rapidly defused. The collapse of Colonial Colony 17’s hawkish expansionist government has led to new and more democratic elections in that colony. The post collapse situation was eased by the deployment of the Centauri-sponsored First Humanity Division who were able to ensure the rule of law was maintained and that the civil infrastructure rebuilt. New, more accountable, police and military formations are being trained, and the newly elected CC17 Government of Reconciliation has entered negotiations with its former enemy New Baal with a view not only to offering reparation but also to starting talks joint political action and strengthening the Planetary Council. The League of Non-Aligned Worlds (of which Wing is notionally a member) has expressed its support for these initiatives, and its negotiators have been facilitating the new spirit of cooperation on the planet. It is believed locally that this might well pave the way for the imminent withdrawal of Xyonist, Wolfer, Centauri and Earther forces from the system.


Colonial Referenda and Memberships – from our colonial correspondent

The following colonial worlds are planning referenda:

Referenda have been held on the following worlds:
Toltec Q1 – and has voted not to apply to join any polity.
The following worlds have voted against holding a referenda on giving up their independence: None

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