News of 3214 Turn 117

Ceasefire on T301

Dateline 3213.382 T301 Quadrant 1

The warring factions have finally reached a settlement to their long-running conflict, thanks to the intervention of military forces from the Federated Worlds of the Outer Quadrants.

This was not achieved without some losses however, and Federation ground forces and marines engaged Blue Hat forces occupying captured cities. Despite every effort there were several thousand civilian casualties caused by the fighting. In addition a number of Blue Hat vehicles were destroyed by plasmatic orbital bombardments as they attempted to escape from their occupied territory.

Both sides have now signed up to an agreement that permanently recognises the pre-war territorial boundaries, and have agreed to settle future disputes via dialogue.

Sirian Navy ‘Virtually Destroyed’ in Q7

Dateline Franklin’s World Q7 3213.390

Reports are coming in of a major space battle in the Franklin’s World System in Quadrant 7 between the Sirian Socialist Navy and a task force from the New Republic.

Caught by a clever silent running ambush by New Republican Forces, the SSN Battleship Falakhon and the Carrier Al-Ma’Idah engaged a force composed of the Republican flagship, the battleship Superhero, the carrier Annihilator, and the heavy cruisers Wolfpack and Trustworthy. The SSN ships attempted to withdraw after receiving heavy damage from close passes by the heavy cruisers, but were forced to cease operations and surrender when it became clear their ships had received crippling damage from repeated and determined Republican pacifier strikes. Reports are that the Republican force received only minor damage.

The loss of the only two Sirian capital ships in the quadrant leaves the SSR with a major crisis of capability.

A spokesperson for the New Republican Fleet said “..what you have to remember is that they declared war on us. We tried mediation but they would have none of it. As the Book of Draco says ‘ ye sow, so shall ye reap.'”

The Sirian Government were unavailable for comment.

Freak Dam Leak Causes Widespread Floods

Dateline Asteel Q0 3214.005

Emergency services were on very high alert on Asteel when the automated water level control systems started pumping megalitres of water into a densely populated valley below the Marple Dam project in the north continent.

The automated system was supported to be completely foolproof, and investigators remain puzzled as to how the malfunction occurred. The initial investigations suggest some sort of traffic overload on the main server stacks.

Fortunately there was no loss of life in the affected towns, although over 30,000 people have been rendered homeless until the clean up exercise can be completed.

Atomic Destruction At Gryt

Dateline Gryt Q7 3213.399

Reports are coming in of a number of massive atomic explorations in high orbit over Gryt, the Sirian colonial capital in Quadrant 7. A number of high acceleration ships, probably consisting of a heavy cruiser and two destroyers entered the system at high G and drove off local starguard forces. The attacking force then forcibly evacuated the system’s Repair Yard and then, shortly after, the entire facility was destroyed by nuclear detonations. The estimated damage is estimated at several billion credits.

Meanwhile, a civilian orbital economic research station was boarded and stripped of much of its equipment. It is reported that a number of personnel from that station have been kidnapped by the hostiles.

During the entire operation the hostile force refused to identify itself, but the smart money is that this was yet another success by the seemingly invincible New Republican Navy.

The destruction of the repair yard has effectively neutered the Sirian colonial military in Quadrant 7, and is inevitably going to create another major crisis for beleaguered Governor Al Fexit.

News in Brief

Pirate raid plunders Eclipse Q3

Hot Boiler claims ‘dino flu’ under control.

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