News of 3214 Turn 120

Transhuman Rights Protest Ends in Violence

Dateline Y24 Q7 3214.125

Over 64,000 joined the now annual Faschingdienstag festival, to celebrate and promote the rights of transhumans in the colony. Whilst generally a jolly affair, the event saw violent scenes near the end as the ‘Anti Cyborg League’ started to get into fights with festival-goers. Police were slow to react and there were 256 casualties. A spokesperson for the festival said “We are disgusted by the narrow-minded bigotry of the ACL who brutally attacked innocent transhuman party-goers. This is indicative of the day to day prejudice suffered by the Transhuman Community.” A spokesperson from ACL said “…these cyborgs are unnatural and are corrupting our womenfolk and taking the jobs of proper humans, there should be a law against it and (continued page 94).


Dino Flu Spreads in Q8

Stardate 3214.119 Fiddle Q8

A quarantine has been imposed on Fiddle regarding all ships entering and leaving the system, as an epidemic of dino flu has caused extensive losses among the megadon herds in the colony. Medical resources are scarce in the subsidence colony, and there are concerns that the virus may once again spread to the human colonists. A spokesperson for the colony said “…it’s terrible – nobody cares about the problems of poor megadon farmers out here in the quadrant, we’re doing our best but this could spell disaster for us.

Sunken City Uncovered on Mystery

Dateline 3214.161 Mystery Q0

Archeological teams have discovered a vast city-like structure under one of the equatorial oceans of the forerunner world of Mystery. Initial examinations indicate that this site, buried under the sea bed, might cover several hundred square kilometres. Investigation teams have so far only penetrated a few kilometres into the site and are reporting finding that are ‘exceptionally interesting’. Team leader on the ‘New Atlantis Site’ Professor Jacqui Cousteu, said “…this is the most remarkable place I have ever encountered. Most interesting is the degree to which there seem to be remaining powered artifacts. Most of these are of types already very familiar to us in a number of digs across human space. In this case we are seeing some of these things in their proper context. I cannot begin to describe how excited that makes me…”

Joint Exercises Show Imperial Support

Dateline Weygand Q6 3214.135

Admiral Pobie’s 14th Imperial Battle Fleet arrived in orbit at Weygand amid much publicity, and a showy low orbit main engines burn – greeted by ecstatic flag-waving crowds in the centre of the main city.

Their arrival followed an exercise with the local 6th Colonial Fleet and there are reports that the controversial Imperial Sentinels had some ships in support roles during the maneuvers. Several additional interstellar vessels also arrived in system earlier in the week to participate in Exercise Sinbad. Governor Cleft held a lavish civic reception for the Admirals and senior officers of both fleets. During the reception Admiral Pobie (commander 14th Fleet) reaffirmed First Minister Rathbone’s and the Imperium’s commitment to the defence of Quadrant 6 against all threats, both foreign and domestic.

This apparent official sanction of the Imperial Sentinels from the Q0 Earth government, follows on the heels of Foreign Minister Armstrong’s comments that the Sentinels were “true patriots”. Governor Cleft went on to say that First Minister had confirmed that as the Quadrant Economy continued to grow the Empire would commit more and more full time forces to the local Fleets. Cleft also said that the Sentinels were seen as a possible new model for the shared cost of the defence against piracy and disorder in the outer Quadrants and welcomed the “… valued financial and personal contributions to the Empire from those enlightened concerns best able to support lasting change”.

Colonial Referenda and Memberships – from our colonial correspondent

The following colonial worlds are planning referenda: Flypaper Q7, Hazard Q4, Iron Mike Q8, Grindstone Q2

Referenda have been held on the following worlds:

Result – voted to apply to join:

Boldre Q7 T119 New Republic
Flapping Track Q6 T119 Earth Empire
Sturm Q1 T119 Q1 Security Union

News in Brief

Pirates strip mining orbital in Y28 system, Q7

Earthquake causes series damage to Rowenal City on Pete Q5

Riots disrupt mine works on Bon Bon Po Q2

Huddingston named as Awakening City of Culture Q1

Senate councillor claims she was abducted by aliens – The Hump Q4

New Universe Record for eating Dino-Burgers,

Unemployed Megagcity One hab-block inhabitant wins 1 Billion Credits in Imperial Lottery, Sol Q0

Armstrong moved to Colonial Office. Ozkok takes Foreign ministry role. SOl Q0

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