News of 3214 Turn 124

Hallmark Station Disaster Averted

Dateline Asteel Q0 3214.361

Inhabitants of the famous Hallmark Station at Asteel were very nearly thrown into fatal panic by the false activation of the station’s evacuation protocol yesterday. The protocol, which was developed after Exterminator incursions during the war requires every available shuttle to be used to evacuate civilians, a lockdown of immediate space traffic control systems and the deployment of emergency escape procedures using modified cargo pods. The orbital’s population of 64,000 responded well to the crisis with practially no panic or looting, and fortunately the error was discovered in time – only 256 civilians had abandoned the station by the time the ‘all clear’ was broadcast 4 minutes after the initial evacuation alarm.

A spokesperson for the station management said “This is terrible! This sort of thing should never have happened – we are conducting a thorough investigation into the causes, and mark my words, heads will roll”.

The disruption to businesses, industry and space traffic was significant, however, estimated at running into millions of credits. The station operation arm of the controlling corporation, Control Interface Industries, will face severe fines for the error, and substantial claims for damages. Its share prices dropped heavily on the Asteel markets this morning.


Volcanic Eruption Threatens Mines

Stardate 3214.339 W14 Q7

A massive volcanic eruption has caused the mining operations in the Van Nyles Mountains of W14 to be temporarily abandoned. The mining operation was about to scale up to full production in a number of areas when minor earth tremours grew into the eruption from an old volcano thought to be inactive.

Lava flows continue to expand toward the main mining areas, and the colonial authorities have instructed that operations cease and that all miners and their dependents evacuate the area.

A spokesperson for the colonies Trade Alliance said ” .. this is a major setback for us – mining in this region is a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it, and the anticipated risks don’t include dealing with molten lava. If the mines are destroyed it could set the colony back many years – perhaps even threaten its very existence”.

Roaches Beaten?

Dateline Zubat Q0 3214.360

News is coming in of a major defeat for the Roaches at a little-known uninhabited world called Zubat in quadrant 0. Careful scouting by human forces identified the hiding place of the huge roach fleet in this remote system. Official sources are not saying but some sources suggest it was made up of hundreds of starships. Human fleets engaged, and while some of the enemy fled, at least half of them scuppered their ships and surrendered on the planet’s surface. We understand that tens of thousands of Roach prisoners are being contained on Zubat C.

The reports of the existence of an unprecedented large number of prisoners has created mixed reactions across human space.

The organisation “Justice Owing for Victims of Exterminators” has long campaigned for a ‘no prisoners’ policy with regard to the alleged builders of the Exterminators and has considerable popular support for the mass extermination of all the captured Roaches. A JOVE spokesperson said “… we should show them exactly as much mercy as they showed the billions of humans ruthlessly exterminated for no reason. As they sowed, so should they reap.”.

On the other hand, the Neo Pope has spoken for many in her declaration that ” … they have seen the error of their ways – it is time to show how humanity prevails morally as well as militarily. We should forgive and teach them a better way.”

Meanwhile, correspondents and others seeking to find out more have been ordered not to visit Zubat until further notice. Commodore Lennox-Brown of the Combined Humanity Fleet HQ said ” … we are of course jolly pleased with the outcome, but Zubat isn’t safe for civilians you know – all sorts of munitions and the like. We don’t want civilians around who might get injured. And there the rest of the Roach Fleet of course. Don’t know exactly where they are but there’s a pretty good chance that the blighters have fled home with their metaphorical tails between their bally old legs”.

Fyrestone Pirate Raid

Dateline MF8 Q8 3214.325

Colonists of the Longbow Colony on MF8 found themselves in a pitched battle against daring pirates who landed in what are being described as ‘substantial numbers’ to raid the colony’s main town of Fyrestone. The town was defended by a security team of mercenaries, but the numbers of pirates meant that the security team were unable to prevent the wholesale looting of the town. Several shipments of refined red mercury, high value technological items as well as personal cash and valuables were lost. 8 colonists died and 64 were injured in the fighting. It is thought that the pirates took some casualties too.

The Mayor of Fyrestone said “We really thought our security arrangements would be enough to prevent this sort of thing – but Space Piratesthere’s not much a poor colony like us can do against a hundred vicious pirates. The security team did their best, but were hopelessly overmatched. Our friends in the neighbouring RoseHat United colony sent help in the form of armed technicals, but they unfortunately arrived too late to help. In the absence of orbital defence or a stronger planetside military presence we were pretty much helpless.”

Colonial Referenda and Memberships – from our colonial correspondent

The following colonial worlds are planning referenda: Prince Q6, Trivee Q7, T591 Q1, Novo Maria Q2

Referenda have been held on the following worlds:

Result – voted to apply to join:

Hinks Q2 T123 Venerian Republic
Hebka Q3 T123 Greater Federation of Asteel
333AL Q5 T123 Union of Xyon
Hollander Q8 T123 Union of Xyon
Delenn AG T122 Venerian Republic
Silky AH T122 Venerian Republic
AI-79 AI T122 Wolf 359 Commonwealth

News in Brief

Venerian humanitarian aid to Novo Maria saves thousands

First cases of Dinoflu reported from Yndya – ‘Keep Calm’ say authorities

Nebok pirate raid averted by New Republic space patrol

R45 colonists auction Forerunner technological finds to highest bidder.

Imperial Sentinels arrest pirate gang on Gloria.

P25 tidal wave hinders colonial development plans.

Demonstrations against Government turn violent on Dagool.

Asteel First Army chief assasinated on 911RPU. ‘Real Potato Heads’ terror group claim responsibility.

Pirate Gutslasher sentenced to involuntary mindwipe on Septimus Q2.

Old Mars Separatists walk out of peace talks. Hands ‘disappointed’.

Sirius ‘Force S’ completed anti-pirate sweep in Q2


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