News of 3215 Turn 125

Summit Conducts Secret Session

Dateline Sirius Q0 3215.001

Unprecedented security accompanied the latest interstellar summit being held in the suburbs of Marx City. The city is still recovering from the fighting there a few octants ago, and the signs of rebuilding are evident everywhere.

Issues under discussion included the future of the Roaches, as well as some secret sessions, presumably concerning the prosecution of the war and the composition of the Grand Armada, which the public are waiting to see leave to end the long war.

Remarkable was the first visit of Ambassador Brent Brent of the Centauri Republic to the Sirius homeworld, and the Sirian hosts very kindly provided an isolation chamber so that he would not be traumatised by mixing socially with the Sirian citizenship. Unfortunately, due to a recurrence an upper respiratory tract infection, First Minister Rathebone was unable to attend. An official spokesperson said “…look, we told you – the First Minister does NOT have dino-flu. There are no cases anywhere on Earth.”


Venerians Arrest ‘New Republic Pirates’

Stardate 3214.379 Y26 Q7

Venerian Anti-Pirate Hunter-Killer teams have arrested a number of merchants they claim to be involved in fencing goods stolen by pirates. In a carefully-planned sting operation, 12 alleged pirate conspirators were arrested as they tried to set up a deal with Venerian agents. It turns out that this group were already wanted in New Repubican space for piratical activities.

Chief Inspector Colonel Sergei Komarovski of the VR said “…we have been speaking to law-enforcement agencies from the New Republic and have agreed – in the spirit of inter-polity cooperation in this matter – to hand these criminals over to face justice on New Draconis. We are sure this will be an appropriate punishment of itself.”.

Roach Settlement

Dateline Zubat Q0 3215.002

Reports are coming in of humanity’s efforts to handle the huge number of Roaches currently camping on Zubat. Supply ships are providing farm machinery and materials to help with colony building whilst at the same time a number of research stations have been established on the same continent to develop communication and to study them further. Communication is still stilted and much of their culture (if they have one), attitiudes and internal structure remains unclear. What is emerging is a strongly heirarchical society, with a lot of internal discipine.

But it is indicative of the problems emerging that we don’t even have a clear idea of what they call themselves (or even that they use nouns in the same way we do).

There remains a growing rift within the councils of humanity between that is being called the ‘Revenge Camp’ who see the extermination of all Roaches as a just response to the memory of the billions of humans they murdered – and the ‘Liberal Camp’ who want to keep the Roaches alive as this would humane. So far the JHC fleets patrolling the Zubat system have intercepted and turned back 16 vessels containing materials or people intent on harming the surviving Roaches on Zubat.


Pirate Hat-Trick at Z174

Dateline Z174 Q8 3214.381

The colony of Z174 is reeling from the impact of a daring pirate raid on their system. In a complex manoever, involving some surprising precise intercepts, three merchant ships leaving the system were attacked and captured by space pirates. A spokesperson for the colonial council said “…this is terrible! We are a struggling colony and losing this many ships within a few days of each other will significantly damage trade and might set the colony back many years”.

Local sources are really surprised by this attack because piracy has been relitively unusual in the Z174 system previously. Although nobody will comment on the detail, the local colonies are looking to substantially improve colonial defence in future.

Wolf Declares War on Roaches

Dateline Wolf359 Q0 3215.001

In a statement to parliament, the acting prime minister announced that the Wolf359 Commonwealth is formally declaring war on the builders of the Exterminators (probably the Roaches).

Mr Young explained that in order to have the correct consitutional authority to take action, the Commonwealth has to formally declare war. Following this announcement, recruiting offices for the Royal Navy were inundated with volunteers to join up and go and fight the alien menace.

What Wolf-watchers are reporting is a high degree of military preparation, so it would appear that the declaration might be more than merely a political posture, or a fine constitutional point.

The Royal Navy has already stated a high degree of commitment to the putative grand Armada – and privately there is growing frustration within the RN about the tardiness in forming and dispatching the Grand Fleet.

Colonial Referenda and Memberships – from our colonial correspondent

The following colonial worlds are planning referenda: None

Referenda have been held on the following worlds:

Result – voted to apply to join:

Prince Q6 T124 Earth Empire
Trivee Q7 T124 MAFC
T591 Q1 T124 Federated Worlds
Novo Maria Q2 T124 UOX


News in Brief

Isolated cases of Dinoflu reported on Jerry Linder

Imperial Sentinels destroy pirate base in The Gaff system

Dagool declares Martial Law

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