News of 3215 Turn 130

Battle of Agni

Dateline 3215.250 Agni Q0

We are getting reports from several sources now of a major space battle between forces of the Venerian Republic and the Earth Empire in the Agni system. We have been able to confirm that the Venerian naval shipyard “Victory #9” has been destroyed in the fighting. The Venerian authorities have been playing down the action, but independent sources are suggesting that a large force of Earther semiautomatic battleships entered the system at high G and overwhelmed the system defences. Several of the attackers are rumoured to have been badly damaged.

This comes as no surprise, as it was widely expected by Earth-watchers that some sort of military reprisal was likely as a result of the Venerian attack on the Earther shuttle research station at Nasa Q0. Diplomatic sources suggest that having ‘made their point’ Earth will be content to let the matter rest there, with no formal declaration of war or further operations. What is less certain right now is the Venerian response, given that the loss of a shipyard is a significantly greater blow than an insignificant shuttle factory.

And what remains a mystery is what provoked the Venerians into their hasty action at Nasa? Some pundits suggest this may be the precursor to some sort of internal power struggle, with hawks within the Venerian Navy seeking to provoke a war with Earth – something the Kudriavy regime has been careful to move away from in recent years – becoming increasingly conciliatory to Earth.

Others suggest the destruction of the base at Nasa was caused by Earth black-ops seeking to pin the blame on the Venerians and to give an excuse for just the sort of action that have just taken.

Needless to say, the Venerian State Media are describing the Battle of Agni as a Stirring Victory for the Workers and Spacemen of the Republic.


Deadlock signs Treaty with Federated Worlds

Dateline 3215.232 Deadlock Q1

President Lee of Deadlock and President Jackson met on Lamster in an historic signing ceremony of a Treaty of Cosmic Alliance between the Federated Worlds of the Outer Quadrants and the Republic of Deadlock.

Deadlock had once, many years ago, applied to become a member of FWOQ and was rejected on the grounds of its poor human rights record. Now, instead of joining the FWOQ, Deadlock has made an alliance. According to the published details of this alliance, the to polities agree to come to each other aid in time of war, and to set up a range of cooperative measures, the first being an extradition treaty for criminals and pirates seeking sanctuary in either system.

Ancient Alien Superintelligent Computer at Mystery

Dateline 3215.256 Mystery Q0

Security was stepped up last octant at the massive archeological project on Mystery, with the arrival of an entire Martian Battle Fleet in orbit. The IFF project teams had been uncharacteristically coy about the cause for this, but it was clear that the finding in the New Atlantis undersea dig had been throwing up some unexpected finds – as well as violent deaths among the security personnel.

An official news blackout has been imposed around New Atlantis, but thanks to our intrepid undercover investigative reporter Alice Everlast, we can report that a working ancient Forerunner Artificial Intelligence has been discovered within the massive structure, along with some other exotic technology. Apparently, the AI, known as Translocutor, has not been very communicative, however. A multidisciplinary science team, supported by several elite squads of Martian starship marines have now spent over an octant sealed inside the main structure. They are reported as having considerable quantities of supplies with them, presumably to allow them to remain isolated while they study the alien technology.

No information is available as to whether there have been any conversations with the AI – and of course the whole site is sealed off under the provisions of Stickney II, waiting some expression of interest from the signatory powers. There is understandable frustration among the academics that no move has yet been made by the powers that be to resolve this.

ChosenAid shipping essentials to Killer Aliens

Dateline 3215.261 Zubat Q0

A new interstellar charity, ChosenAid, has been organising aid shipments to the alien settlements on Zubat. The relief effort has apparently been hampered by what the charity is calling ‘unecessary paranoia’ by military forces in the Zubat system who insist on stopping and thoroughly searching every incoming merchant ship, and providing guards for every stage of the journey.

The response to ChosenAid has been mixed. Their offices on Masada were torched by an extremist group calling themselves ‘Revenge-99’ – apparently made up of those who lost close family during the War.

Alongside that there have been generous donations. The President Hallmark Charitable Foundation has reportedly donated 50 million credits to the project, and retired First Citizen Lee Zhang is also rumoured to have made a ‘substantial contribution’.

GFA Election Latest!

Dateline Asteel 3215.250

After minor delays caused by unexpected faults in the voting system in Q7, the results for ‘The Odds’ are now in. Potato has taken Q1, Q5 and Q7, and has only marginally lost in Q3.

As usual, the President has rallied in the polls, helped by his high profile during recent crises – readers will recall his appearance at Zubat to fight the Roaches, and their subsequent surrender.

Unless there is some sort of massive and uncharacteristic change of heart among the voters in Q0 when they go to the polls on 3215.300, it looks like the good old GFA might be looking forward to another successful five years of Alphie!


News in Brief

Dinoflu ‘not a big problem’ on Hot Boiler

Ship missing for over 100 years found crashed in Sector CF

Universal D&D championship won by Sirus team

Riots at ‘Berserker Strike’ gig on Gryt Q7

Right to Refuse Transhumans service law passed on 116AL

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