News of 3209 Turn 84


Dateline 3209.365 Wolf 359 Q0

Just as we thought things could not get any more worrying at Evangelou, reports are coming out of that system that the missing Prime Minister Young has reappeared through the same interdimensional portal he was lost many octants ago!. As if this were not remarkable enough – his return was, it is alleged, with the help of the very Aliens that the Wolf Provisional Government were trying to tell us were invading human space.

According to very limited reports – Prime Minister Young was returned safely, together with his aides and some scientists thanks to the ships of a species known as the ‘Pingwin’ – which unlike human ships are able to navigate the portal. This species is, apparently, friendly and will be closing the ‘anomaly’ very soon. Further, it is rumoured that Young entered into a series of agreements with the aliens during his time there, on behalf of humanity.

Young said “This is an important time for humanity – thanks to my timely intervention an interdimensional war has been averted – and in the nick of time it would seem. My good friends, for the second time in our history, a human has returned from another dimension – this time bringing peace with honour. I believe it is peace for our time.”.

Despite this turn of events – reports are that a number of fleets from the TOOL alliance are converging on Evangelou in response to earlier requests for urgent help. Could it be a case of the boy who cried ‘Wolf’?.

Quite what this will mean for Young’s political opponents is unclear- they are it is believed – to be hoping to have an election before Young can return to Wolf – but his popularity with the ruling elite who make up the ‘electorate’ on Wolf359 has risen considerably, and King Stabilo is reported to have been ‘…very satisfied…’ by Young’s successes in interdimensional diplomacy, and may give his approval to a delay to the elections being asked for by pro-Young supporters. Wolf-watchers have noted that this will be a blow for Admiral Carley, who has been positioning himself for the top job.


NeoPope Speaks of Power of Love.

Dateline 3209.355 New Luna Q0

Neo-Pope Dolores Pieta XIV has told tens of thousands of pilgrims in the New Luna city of Laidesh that love can be stronger than all the Universe’s evil. The pontiff gave the homily during an open-air Sunday Mass at the highly-revered Universal Church Shrine of The Blessed Ghost. Pieta is in Laidesh to mark the 250th anniversary of what many believe was a vision of the Virgin by a young local girl. On Saturday, she also celebrated an outdoor Mass in the capital, New Tranquility.
More than 200,000 pilgrims made the trip for Pieta’s first papal Mass at the shrine. The pontiff is making a two octant pilgrimage to the sanctuary, which is visited each year by over one million believers.

Pope Pieta arrived in New Tranquility on Friday for her first visit to New Luna since becoming NeoPope in 3194. She was welcomed by New Lunan Governor Carmella Nicholas, whom she praised for promoting the role of religion in society. Pieta looked delighted and moved by the rapturous welcome she received from the crowds – some of the faithful had queued through the night to make ensure their place. Security has been tight, with more than 4,000 police drafted in to the area.

After her arrival at the shrine, Pieta prayed at the Grotto of Tunguska, also known as the Cave of Apparitions because early settlers are believed to have had religious ‘visions’ in them. When she arrived on Saturday night, Pieta also drank water from a spring that believers say has miraculous healing powers.

Saying Mass from under white canopies shaped like sails, the NeoPope told her listeners to be true to their faith because “it tells us that there is a power in this universe that is stronger than death, stronger than our weakness and sins…the power of love is stronger than the evil which threatens us.”. Quite what evil she was referring to remains unclear – though in a smaller gathering she hinted that ‘…dark clouds gather over the home of humanity…’, potentially seen as a coded reference to Earth’s unpopularity on the international stage.



Governor Armstrong Accuses Martians of Piracy

Dateline 3209.325 Weygand Q5

In a striking speech, Earth Governor Armstrong lashed out at the MAFC authorities for tolerating piracy – claiming, it appears, that pirates are being resupplied, supported and encouraged by Martian authorities in the Mannor system in Q5. He said “…we will make no distinction between the pirates who committed these acts and those who harbour them”

The Martians, have rebutted the Earther claims, Acting Supreme Councillor Marsha Bartley said, in a speech to the Supreme Council. “This is bloody ridiculous – the Earthers are one tinny short of a six-pack if they think we’re swutting pirate-lovers. Just because they got their asses handed to them by the Sirians they think they can push us around. I’m here to tell you all that they should bring it on if they think they’re hard enough.”

Military forces in the quadrant are once again on a high state of alert.

Eastern Defence Bloc ‘Claims’ Z140

Dateline 3209.317 New Draconis

The EDB Alliance Headquarters today announced that the uninhabited system of Z140 would henceforth come under the “, observation and responsibility” of Alliance forces. The colony on Z140 failed five years ago in 3204, and it is officially uninhabited – however, the Bloc are concerned that the system might be used as a staging point for piratical attacks on neighbouring alliance worlds, and have taken this step as “…a matter of regional security.” The Bloc has also entered into a treaty of friendship and anti-pirate cooperation with the just settled colony on Z134.

In the last year, the Bloc has been ramping up its military forces considerably, mainly by hiring mercenary-crewed military starships. The Bloc, which now includes six alliance members, is reportedly considering closer internal ties in areas such as economic development and foreign policy.

Sirius Warship destroys Wolfer Merchant

Dateline 3209.333 Gurmat Q2

Heavy elements of the Sirian 2nd Shock Fleet are reported to have engaged and destroyed a Wolfer-owned merchant ship delivering cargo to the Republic of New Luxembourg. The Sirians accuse the RNL of ‘criimes against civilisation and humanity’ and have imposed a blockade of the planet to prevent the RNL from obtaining further high-tech armaments from off-world. At the same time, Sirian pacifiers have been striking at RNL troop concentrations on the planet, and there are unconfirmed reports of Sirian GF troops fighting alongside WGH forces in the embattled Ying Archipelago.

A spokesperson for the Wolf 359 Commonwealth said “…attacking civilian merchant vessels delivering peaceful agricultural machinery is in contravention of the Saturn Treaty and is tantamount to a declaration of war. We will be protesting to the SSR Government in the strongest possible terms!”


Colonial Referenda and Memberships – from our colonial correspondent

The following colonial worlds are planning referenda: Douglas Q6 and Nobunaga Q2 to be held in T84, Jideeye AH, Patel AH, Averroes AH to be held in T83.

Referenda have been held on the following worlds: None

The following worlds have voted against holding a referenda on giving up their independence: None.


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