News of 3210 Turn 87

Potato set to take the Evens

Dateline Asteel Q0 3210.100

President Potato’s popularity is showing no signs of slowing much, and the initial indications in the ‘even’ quadrants is that he is going to do very well, even given the very good showing Q4 Governor Poission is making locally. Issues that are becoming key in this election are political corruption, crime, colonial expansion and international relations (particularly with Earth and around the formation of the so-called Human League’). Independent candidate Miller has been pushing the ‘naturals rights’ issue – though this has lost him some corporate support, his approval rating has risen slightly overall – he seems to be managing the issue better than in the Presidential Campaign of 2994, where the Star Party candidate, Hank Paraskevi, was linked to DAFT terrorists and lost by the largest margin in GFA history.

In general Potato’s huge personal charisma and ability to say the right thing when it counts is still keeping him favourite for a fourth term. His refusal to meet the trenchant challenge from Mo Miller is being read as a clever plot to keep Miller in the margins. Only time will tell if this subtle campaign strategy will work.


Earth Moves to Protect Trio

Dateline 3210.109 Trio Q6

Earther 6th Colonial Fleet has landed strong ground forces on the colony world of Trio “ the invitation of threatened colonists of Earth extraction, who have suffered considerable privations.”. The colonial Government of Trio has kept its public comments to a minimum – however, privately there is considerable disquiet that their powerful neightbour might not leave any time soon – regional observers are suggesting that the Trios are just too nervous of upsetting the Earthers and starting a war they cannot possibly win. There have been a number of large peaceful demonstrations outside the colony’s main adminstrative centre, but the general mood of the colonists is subdued.

Martian forces in the Trio system are still negotiating the return of the 47 belter miners, being held as suspected pirates by the Earthers. Despite the strong rhetoric on both sides, the situation has not yet become violent – perhaps because the locals in Q6 are still sensitive about escalation after the Amoss Crisis last year.

Anomaly Closed

Dateline Evangelou Q0 3210.111

Military authorities at Evangelou reported that the mysterious anomaly that caused huge consternation throughout last year – and resulted in the exploration of what has been dubbed ‘Young’s Universe’ has now disappeared, closing what scientists have called a ‘Transdimensional chron-synclastic infundibulum’. The Wolfer statement said “…thanks to the work of our Navy scientists, supported by some minor technical assistance from a friendly polity, the ‘rift’ into another universe has been healed. Humanity has learned its lesson and will not be going back to Young’s Universe’.

Despite a professed lack of interest in further transdimensional travel, material gained from the experience is likely to revitalise a previously unregarded field of theoretical transdimensional physics over the coming decades.

Trial Starts of Hyama Bombers

Dateline Sol Q0 3210.117
The trial started today of the 17 alleged members of the Free Mars Movement accused of the bombing of the Navy Recruitment Office in Hyama City on Old Mars in 3209. The trial is attracting significant local interest, and is being broadcst live all over Old Mars. Demonstrators, supporting the ‘Hyama 17’ and protesting their innocence have gathered outside the courtroom. The 17 include a number of members of the Martian People’s Party. Geraldine Eve, party leader said “…this is a blatent attempt by the Ashanti Regime to remove political opposition to imperialist colonial rule. Mars has a right to self-determination, and trumped up charges will not obscure the truth. The bombings were clearly engineered by Imperial Intellience.”. The Martian People’s Party is calling for a one day General Strike on Mars for 3210.155, the anniversary of the Hyama Dome Massacre of 2944.


Colonial Referenda and Memberships – from our colonial correspondent

The following colonial worlds are planning referenda: Scully Q6, New London Q6, Jakobs Q3, Draconis Q7

Referenda have been held on the following worlds:

Result – voted to apply to join:
Spuk Q8

Free Worlds Alliance
Flakey Q6

Called off – colony failed
The following worlds have voted against holding a referenda on giving up their independence: None.


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