News of 3212 Turn 103

IFF Declares Academic Quarantine

Dateline 3212.123 Mystery Q0

The Interstellar Forerunner Foundation is calling on all powers, both signatories and non-signatories of the IFF Treaty to observe an unprecedented ‘Academic Quarantine’ of a world previously thought to be entirely unsuitable for colonisation or habitation. The IFF report that their long-term research into the forerunners, funded by many major governments, has at last borne fruit in the identification of a putative Forerunner Homeworld. Conscious that this might lead to a massive free-for-all of freelance archeologists and treasure-seekers, the IFF has declared that Mystery is to be kept off limits to everyone other than accredited IFF research teams. Director Stone said “This is an epoch-making discovery unprecedented not only in the field of Forerunner Studies but in human history – we cannot afford to lose this opportunity through ill-considered peripatetic attempts to find academic glory – no matter who might be involved. I am grateful to early responses from the League of Non-Aligned Worlds, the Sirian Socialist Republic and the Mald Research Foundation for their instant and full support”. The Mald Democratic Foundation have responded first, with a small fleet of ships that is already in the Mystery system as we write. This will be joined by elements from the LONAW and the SSR in due course. Deputy Director Schleiman, who is apparently already on site, is reported as saying “This find is the most important thing, ever. We cannot, and will not, allow interference”.

FWA Fleet Reaches Agreement at Z155

Dateline 3212.090 Z155 Q8

The intervention forces from the Free Worlds Alliance, having removed the Floralpattern Regime from government and facilitated free elections on Z155, has negotiated a local ‘status of forces agreement’ with the Provisional Government of Z155. Under these arrangements it is reported that the FWA will not station GF units on the planet – an that planetary policing and security will be led by local security forces. The FWA are to remain ‘on call’ should pockets of resistance be encountered from Floralpattern loyalists. The ‘Reverend Floralpattern and his daughter have now been handed over to the colony’s office of police, and they are expected to stand trial sometime after 3212.150. Mr. Dave Spart, interim leader of the Provisional Government said “This is a success for reason and good sense, I mean, we are totally grateful to the FWA for arresting Floralpattern and his cronies, but we are totally opposed to interstellar adventurist intervention by neo-imperialists. Obviously our fraternal siblings from the FWA are 100% totally not like that.”

Arms Imports Rising

Dateline 3212.059 System T301 Quadrant 1

Following the economic growth of the main colonies on T301, there has been a rising in tension on the South Continent over the resource-rich Sigil Hills region. There is a growing military face-off between the pro-venerian Blue Hat Colony, and the Independence First colony, a newly formed Federation of smaller independent colonies. Both sides seem determined to claim this region, and efforts at brokering deals over the last year have failed. Merchant ship traffic to the system is reportedly up 12.7% in the last four octants. Observers are now anticipating that this will lead to armed conflict very soon.

Dobird Summit to Seeks Consensus

Dateline 3212.072 Dobird Quadrant 8

The first colonial summit in the system’s history has convened to determine the outcome of a debate on the future of the subcontinent of Dangbig. The subcontinent has a history of internal tension between the northern region and the southern region, and these tensions have been exacerbated by the actions of the Red Pentagram Colony, an influential neigbour who has been claiming historical, cultural and economic links with the northern region amount to a duty to intervene on that regions behalf – if necessary with military force. Other colonies on the planet have succeeded in convincing all parties to participate in a Summit meeting, and it is hoped that this will lead to a consensus. The First Minister of Greater Eastland, one of the participants, said “This is an historic moment. I believe the government of Red Pentagram will act in good faith, and we will see peace on Dobird.

Pro-Transhuman Rights Demo Violence

Dateline 3212.051 116AL Quadrant 7

The colonial government of 116AL has vehemently resisted claims that it is ‘institutionally discriminatory’ over the rights of transhumans to equal consideration for jobs. It has long been a controversial issue in many systems as to whether individuals with significant levels of technological enhancement (also known as cyborgs) are suitable for all employments. There are some employers on 116AL who operate an open ‘no cyborgs’ policy, and this has angered the significant transhuman population on 116AL. The ‘Be Natural Programme’, a pressure group that is ideologically opposed to cyborging as ‘unnatural’, have defended employers. A spokesman for the BNP said I’ve got nothing against ‘borgs myself, but would you want your daughter to marry one?”.

The Transhumanist Unity Front organised a demonstration of around 30,000 supporters outside the Colonial Governor’s residence, which quickly turned to violence as a counter-demonstration of the BNP started fighting with the TUF. The police stepped in and there were over 1,000 arrests. A TUF spokesperson said “..the police were there to help the BNP beat up innocent protesters. It was a miracle nobody died”. Six police officers were injured in the fighting.

Massed Potato Fans

Dateline 3212.120 Disney Q0

The citizens of Walt City, capital of Disney World were treated with the amazing spectacle of the first All Universe Rally of the Potato Fan Club. Fans from all over quadrant 0 have been gathering for many octants in anticipation of this day, and reports indicate over a million of them hit the city streets. Despite fears of the local police, the rally was good-natured and in festive mood, as giant screens erected on the sides of buildings re-ran some of ‘Our Alphie’s’ famous screen appearances. The rally was set for the anniversary of the premier of Alphie Potato’s screen debut in the now cult-classic tri-vid, “Space Thruster’ which he played the accident prone but lovable young ship’s mechanic Sydney who was endlessly getting into ‘difficulties’ with female crew members with hilarious results. The fans have called this one of his most seminal works. Across human space there is no sign of the popularity of the President of the GFA waning among his loyal followers.


Colonial Referenda and Memberships – from our colonial correspondent

The following colonial worlds are planning referenda: S97 Q0, Slagen Q1 Crux AG, Misstur Q6

Referenda have been held on the following worlds:

Result – voted to apply to join:

Lucky Strike Q7 T102
Salue Q5 T102
Norma Q3 T102
Clipping Q2 T102

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