News of 3212 Turn 108

Forerunner Base Found

Dateline Gunslinger Q8 3212.345

The Science Council of Gunslinger has announced that local archeologists have uncovered an interesting forerunner site in an asteroid in their system. According to the official press statement, this is “…a minor but important find with some interesting aspects…”. Professor Sunil Cavill of the University of Gunslinger said “We are delighted at the opportunity to study these ancient structures. Of course there were some problems when some ancient hibernating creatures were disturbed, and unfortunately many of them had to be destroyed by the starguard. Sadly this is a risk with some forerunner sites”. There are rumours that local space pirates attempted to rob the site, but the local starguard marines had no trouble seeing them off, and a number of wanted pirates were captured. The local branch of the International Forerunner Foundation reported that they had offered assistance to the Gunslinger authorities, but as yet they had received no response. The Q8 Centauri head office said “We congratulate our partners on Gunslinger on their fine work. The Conglomerate will be doing everything in its power to encourage this important academic work.”

Strikes on Peace

Dateline Peace Q8 3212.341

Schools and businesses were closed on Peace (Q6) as an opposition alliance enforced another general strike to demand the local government find an opposition leader who went missing nearly an octant ago.
The main opposition Peaceful Nationalist Party is leading a series of planetwide strikes demanding the government find the party’s organising secretary, Elias Ali. The opposition blames the government and security agencies for Ali’s disappearance, but authorities deny it. A rights group says at least 22 people, mostly politicians, have disappeared this year on Peace.

Last octant the opposition enforced five days of general strikes calling for Ali to be found.

Police and witnesses say at least eight small homemade bombs exploded in the capital, Dhark, during the most recent strike, but no injuries were reported.

Dangbig Crisis Growing

Dateline Dobird Q8 3212.337

Whilst there has been a period of peace following the Dobird conference a few octants ago, the Red Pentagram Colony has been accused by the other signatories of secretly increasing its armed forces. A spokesperson for the Greater Eastland colony said “…this is highly regrettable. Nobody here wants armed conflict, but it seems that the Red Pentagrammers are hell-bent on starting a fight. Let there be no mistake, Greater Eastland will not stand idly by and watch armed aggression on this planet.”

The leader of the Red Pentagram Enclave, its ruling body, Doctor Blofield, said “This is ridiculous – the people of Northern Dangbig look to us to guarantee their say in the running of the Dangbig Colony. The Southerners have been oppressing them for years, and nothing has changed as a result of the summit. We maintain our sovereign right to act in self defence. It is absurd to accuse us of threatening violence. Greater Eastland is in no position to offer criticism of us, and should be using its influence with the South Dangbiggers to bring them to their senses.”

Reports are coming in that there has been a stepping up of ‘technical imports’ through Dobird Station in recent octants, and there is a concern that the tenuous peace negotiated at the summit will fall apart very soon.

Alphie for Emperor!

Dateline Asteel Q0 3212.359

A controversial report has just been published by the Institute for Social Study on the so-called ‘Alphie Potato Phenomenon’. The influential Asteel-based think tank has been conducting a longitudinal study into social trends across human space. The research seems to claim that President Potato’s popularity and influence is outside the predicted statistical norms for politicians and political movements. The most visible aspect of the President’s popularity is the Alphie Potato Fan Club, which now has members on every world in Quadrants Zero and Five. Surprisingly, this includes worlds where in many respect the Asteel Federation is not well liked. Some independent worlds have attempted to ban the club, but with little or no success.
The study says that this popularity does not appear to be of direct political use to Potato in domestic politics terms, as his political party struggled to retain electoral dominance at the last elections.
There is an aspect of personality in this, as popularity is clearly much higher on worlds personally visited by the President.

They offer no underlying explanation for these observations, but suggest further closer research into the films and speeches of President Potato might reveal the source of his great popular appeal. As one of the researchers said during the report’s launch “…Potato clearly has an exceptional talent for saying the right thing, even if it seems like the wrong thing. Hopefully we will be able to get funding for the next stage of our research…”.


Colonial Referenda and Memberships – from our colonial correspondent

The following colonial worlds are planning referenda: Z155 Q8

Referenda have been held on the following worlds:

Result – voted to apply to join:

Misstur Q6 T107 Earth Empire

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