News of 3213 Turn 110

FWA Getting Closer to Union

Dateline Lamster Q1 3213.030

Free Worlds Alliance members have today signed an historic accord setting out the road map for greater political and economic union in a new Federated structure. Alliance Chairman Jackson (tipped as favourite to the the first president of the new Federation) said “In times of growing crisis for humanity, it makes perfect sense to band closer together. The FWA can be fairly said to be the most successful defensive alliance in the universe, and all members of the Alliance see the benefits of union”.

The ‘Unity Road Map’ paves the way for a wider referendum process that is likely to start within two octants.

White Tornado Sweeps Colony Clean

Dateline 116AL, Q7 3213.010

The east coast of the central continent of 116AL has been hit by extreme winds and an unexpected giant white tornado. This has extensively devastated farmland and fishing towns in the region, killing 256 people. Quite apart from the humanitarian impact this will have a dramatic effect on the local economy and food production. Colonial authorities are concerned that there may be longer term effects too.

Victory at Disney World – But Exterminators and Roaches have Joined Forces

Dateline Disney World Q0 3213.060

News is emerging of a startling victory by the GFAN Arrogant Force which has not only prevented a devastating and horrific mass-driving attack on Disney Word, but driven off an enemy fleet of two Exterminator Super Battleships and ten other Roach warships. It had long been suspected that the Roaches and the Exterminators were connected in some way, but for the first time they were seen to be cooperating in an attack on a human world.

Thanks to the foresight of the authorities on Disney, civilian casualties were kept to a minimum, as the cities were successfully evacuated. Most human casualties were among the brave Ground Force defenders who kept up pressure on the Roaches as they sought to strip valuables and technological items from the major cities.

We have also learnt that this was the first operational deployment of the Semi-Automatic Battleships that the GFAN built several years ago. Based on a design previously thought to be outdated, these rugged warships are capable of very high accelerations, and were able to intercept the killer asteroids when no other ships could.

The lights are burning late in the Joint Humanity Headquarters, as the military staffs attempt to plot the next point of attack by these dastardly and implacable enemies. Humanity waits for the next blow.


Orbital Chaos Over Asteel

Dateline Asteel Q0 3213.067

Space traffic in Asteel high orbit was plunged into chaos as a number of tracking systems started to mis-report ship trajectories and showing ‘ghost’ images of earlier ship plots. It took nearly a day for the situation to be sorted out, and fortunately there were only a few minor collisions, thanks to the vigilance and professionalism of the merchant crews. Experts studying the malfunction have traced the fault to a minor error in the space traffic control system software, which created an unpredictable logic cascade event. The STC operations, the Gungho Corporation, are deeply embarrassed by the failure and have promised compensation to any space operator that has been put out of pocket by the failure. Olive Palendrome, spokesperson for the Corporation said “…this was completely unprecedented. Whilst an unpredictable logic cascade has always been theoretically possible, the odds against it happening are literally astronomical. We have now installed back-up systems and traffic is flowing normally again.”

Crash Building Programme Announced

Dateline Asteel Q0 3213.089

The GFAN has announced the implementation of an immediate Presidential order to commence construction of no less than 6 brand new space carriers, to augment the defences of Asteel. Under Operation STRONG RESPONSE, the Presidential order will mean the six carriers will be ready for operations by the end of the year.

Suggestions that this is a knee-jerk reaction by Potato’s administration in the face of rising concern following the enemy attack on Disney World are dismissed by a hexagon spokesperson. President Potato’s personal secretary, Mandy Nitefrolik, said “…the President is most definitely not jerking anything, especially his knees. The Navy will be substantially reinforced as a result of this order. The President has also ordered the de-mothballing of defence forces at other Homeworlds in Quadrant Zero. He has expressed a determination that the citizens of the Federation will remain safe, and that he will not rest until all threats to peace and stability have been permanently removed”.

Critics point out that it was Potato’s administration that mothballed the defensive fleets in the first place. Senator Miller, one of Potato’s fiercest critics said “…this is typical of the ‘chocolate mouse President’. I fear it will be too little too late. What the GFA and all humanity needs now is strong, decisive leadership, not dilettante ex-movie actors.”.


Colonial Referenda and Memberships – from our colonial correspondent

The following colonial worlds are planning referenda: Gradat Q6

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