News of 3209 Turn 83

WOLF AT WAR – ALIEN INVASION STARTS! Dateline 3209.300 Wolf 359 Q0 In a shock public statement today the Wolfer provisional government has finally made a definitive statement about events at Evangelou. It turns out that humanity is being invaded by unknown aliens through some sort of interstellar Gateway inside the Evangelou system. The Wolfer […]

News of 3209 Turn 82

Atomic Attack on Gurmat Dateline3209.244Gurmat Q2 The hostilities between the Republic of New Luxembourg (RNL) and We Got Here Colony (WGH) reached a significant new stage here as the main WGH naval base was hit by a nuclear weapon in the kilotonne range – destroying the facilities there and killing over 19,000 people. This was […]

News of 3209 Turn 81

Peacekeepers Withdraw as Fighting Resumes Dateline Feltten Q2 3209.192 Fierce fighting has broken out across the devastated city centre of Harmony City on Feltten Q2. Adherents of opposed sects, the Church of Harmony and Light and the Church of Light and Harmony have resumed their conflict, grounded in a long-standing theological dispute. Peacekeepers from the […]

News of 3209 Turn 80

Evangelou Exodus Dateline Evangelou Q0 3209.180 News is leaking out of greatly increased emigration from Evangelou as the mysterious ‘Evangelou Incident’ remains unexplained. Following a press statement in the official Commonealth news media that there might be some risk to the colony world, all outgoing merchants have been packed with the wealthy inhabitants leaving the […]

News of 3209 Turn 79

Evangelou Mystery Deepens. Dateline Evangelou Q0 3209.113 The Wolf Commonwealth has been maintaining a news blackout on their important Evangelou system for two octants now, and it is giving rise to rumours of a coup within the upper echelons of the Wolfer government. No satisfactory explanation of the fate of Prime Minister Young, who was […]

News of 3209 Turn 78

Free Worlds Alliance Announces New Shipyard Dateline 3209.034, Lamster, Q1 The developing nation of the Free Worlds Alliance has announced that it intends to develop its own interstellar shipbuilding capability. At his inaugural State of the Alliance speech at Alliance Naval Headquarters on Lamster, Chairman Jackson stressed the developing military capability of the Alliance, now […]

News of 3209 Turn 77

Venerian forces crush revolt Dateline 3208.387 Jyaistha, Q4 Ground Forces from the Venerian 15th Planetary Assualt fleet have moved to crush the separatist uprising on Jyaistha. In the capital there are reports of fierce fighting as Marine units stormed key buildings in the advance of a GF thrust into the city centre. Q4 Governor Kristal […]

News of 3208 Turn 76

Computer blackout delays Senatorial elections Dateline 3208.359 Asteel Q0 A breakdown in voting computers across Esteeler worlds in Quadrant 0 has plunged this year’s Senatorial elections into chaos. Parts of the GFA Net have suffered greater than normal levels of instability in recent months and this appears to be the most obvious sign to date. […]

News of 3208 Turn 75

Popular uprising on Jyaistha Dateline 3208.277 Jyaistha, Q4 In an unprecedented move for a Venerian world, there appears to have been a popular uprising on Jyaistha. Occurring almost bloodlessly, a large group of students and trade unionists have occupied key buildings in the capital, including the Planetary Assembly and Tri-D station. So far there has […]