News of 3232 Turn 202

Famous Earther celebrity chat-show host Peter Markinson has died at the age of 131.  Markinson’s Tri-V career spanned nealry a century and included interviews with the infamous First Minister Lee Zhang aas well as famous film stars and Alphie Potato.

Tensions are rising between Perfects and naturals on Y24.  The hospital adminstration on the colony is accused of favouring perfects in order to keep costs down by delaying or deferring treatment of naturals (who are naturally going to be less healthy).  This so-called favouritism is being dismissed as being caused by ‘DAFT troublemakers’, and is denied by the medical authorities.  There have been some minor assults and vandalism but the colonial authorities are playing down the significance of the dispute.

In a poll conducted by INN, it is clear that there is widespread concern over news of a massive, super-powerful starship that is run by a sentient artificial intelligence.  Despite fairly tame reassurance from Governments, people are worried.  Many are older colonists who survived the Exterminator War and are suffering recurrances of PTSD.  There are various views:

Somewhat surprisingly concern is least among the Martian colonists, 51% if whom seem to be reassured, at least for now, that the situation is under control.

Elsewhere views differ.  In the Centauri Conglomerate, the CEO has authorised additional contingency spending during the crisis and the Conglomerate has gone to a war footing, activating the Existential Risk Clauses in fleet contracts.

Across Quadrant 7 as a whole around 52% of people were either very concerned or extremely concerned about the Warspite.  12% agreed with the statement “The military should be doing something” and 11% said they had never heard of Warspite.  5% overall supported the use of nuclear weapons to resolve the situation.

The Army of the Democratic Authority in the West (DATW) on Y17 is been conducting what it is calling stabilisation operations across the colony.  According to a spokesperson, Colonel Bethany Wire “… these are operations to shape the environment to make it stable enough for continued reconstruction efforts.  Sadly not all participants in the  elections have yet integrated into the new security arrangement and some appear reluctant to support democracy.  We will give them every opportunity to participate peacefully but we cannot, in all conscience, permit armed groups to destablise the road to peace and self-determination.”.

The Government of the Sunshine Colony is noting the outcome of the election in neighbouring DATW, but as yet has not relinquished control of the mines – citing ‘current instability’ as a reasons for delay.  President Mustar of the DATW is known to have formally asked for the return of the mines, but there has been no public response as yet.

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