News of 3217 Turn 144

In Brief:  New Draconis refugee numbers top 1/4 million point. Terrorists Bomb  Transhuman Registration Office Dateline 3217.132 116AL Q7 A massive explosion was heard throughout the captial city of the 116Al colony, as a suicide bomb attack utterly devasted government offices in the downtown area of the city.  Over 64 colonists died in the attack, […]

News of 3217 Turn 145 Special

WOLF NAVY REMAINS COMMITTED TO ‘OBLITORATING’ ALL ALIENS Dateline 3217.205 The new head of the Royal Navy Sir George Zambellas, speaking at the launch of a new Royal Navy vessel, revealed a very clear position of the Navy in Wolf external relations. “Colleagues and guests. We are facing the most challenging security environment in many […]

News of 3217 Turn 147

KAMI CONFLICT ENDS BLOODLESSLY Dateline 3217.265 KAMI Q1 Rival colonial groupings on Kami have been arming themselves for several octants now, and observers were sure the dispute over the resource-rich Quinch Islands would erupt into armed conflict any day.  But thanks to the intervention of mediators from the Federated Worlds, the situation has been defused […]