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The 'Starship Marine' Campaign of Space Piracy
This role playing campaign is about the darker, criminal side of The Universe. Despite the best efforts of the authorities, space piracy seems impossible to stamp out. This campaign is the story of just one group of the infamous space pirates.


Hawks of the Stars Campaign Rules

Starship Marine Combat Rules (pdf)

Starship Marine Campaign Rules

Piracy and Trade





Approx Timeline --updated17-11-04

Current Pirates - updated 2-10-04

Tall Tales - updated 17-11-04


The SS Like A Virgin
- updated 2-10-04

The SS Material Girl (sold)
- updated 2-10-9-04




Alex news 1 new!

Hot News 1
Hot News 2
Hot News 3

Station News 4

Handy Map of Beelzebub III

Handy map of Quadrant 2






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