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Second Battle of Adobe Stardate 3211.109

The Martian fleet intercepted an escaping alien fleet that had been devastating the colony world of Adobe. The enemy had a supercarrier and supporting forces, and was tricked into abandoning the system by a collection of merchant and support ships making big burns. Using a carefully-calculated intercept vector and silent running, the martian fleet successfully intercepted the enemy some 2 days inside the M25 of the system.

In the ensuing ballte, both sides used nuclear weapons but the Martian fleet was able to gain the upper hand and destroyed the main force fo the enemy.

Martian Forces engaged: 5 Carriers, 1 Battleship, 5 Heavy Cruisers, 2 Destroyers

Martian losses: 2 destroyers, 2 cruisers.

Alien force engaged: 1 Supercarrier, 1 heavy cruiser equivalent, 2 destroyer equivalents. There were also 2 transport-type ships caught.

Alien Losses: 1 supercarrier, 1 heavy cruiser equivalent, 2 transport equivalents.

Battle of EJ053 Stardate 3211.031

The first major fleet engagment agains the aliens known as 'Roaches'. After a series of actions against Roach colonial developments in sector EJ, the forces of humanity were caught leaving system EJ053 by an intercepting force composed of 3 supercarriers and three other warships. Fortunately, the human force was able to evade one of the supercarriers, and fought only 2 of them. In the battle the Earth Carrier ESS Livingstone, and the Battleship ESS Kiev were destroyed. The Earther cruiser ESS Calliope was temporarily captured by the enemy, but subsequently recaptured by a boarding party launched form the ESS Agamemnon. One of the supercarriers was destroyed by nuclear missiles, and both forces broke off contact.

Human forces engaged: 6 Battleships, 10 carriers, 3 heavy cruisers

Alien forces engaged: 2 supercarriers, three heavy warships possibly battleship-class, three warships possibly cruiser-class..



Second Tuskan: Stardate 3201.114

A Combined human fleet protecting the investigation of the crippled ESS Agagmenon outside the M25 of Tuskan encountered two ESBs on silent running. These were enagaged and defeated. Communications log from the encounter.


Tuskan : Stardate 3200.352

The largest mobile Exterminator fleet ever encountered attacked the Earther system of Tuskan for no terribly clear reason. Somehow, humanity managed to get a substantial ad-hoc combined fleet to the system to meet this attack under Earther Admiral Tryon, and in the ensuing battlle 14 Exterminator Super Battleships were utterly destroyed and two captured. None escaped. Communications Log from the battle.

Losses: Destroyed: ASS Last best Hope, ESS Lin Chun, ASS Senyavin, VSS Kidd, VSS Cochrane. Damaged. ESS Kiev, ESS Thatcher, ESS Washington, ESS Mandela, ASS No Plan Survives, ESS Sadahori, ESS Lenin, ASS Three Edged Sword, ASS Saladin, ASS Lion, ESS Livingstone, VSS Centaur, ESS Agamemnon.

Approx 107 pacifiers lost to all nations.

Enemy Losses: 14 Exterminator Super Battleships destroyed. 2 ESB Captured.


Second Red Spot : Operation Gabriel's Trumpet Stardate 3200.170

Combined Human Fleet attacked the largest Exterminator base ever discovered. Steeling themselves to sell their lives dearly, the outcome was something of a surprise.

See Admiral Hojo's after action report here.


Z'Ha'Dum : Operation Wasp's Nest II Stardate 3200.155

The remaining Fortresses and shipyards are Z'ha'Dum were destroyed in a daring combined assault using specially modified 'suicide ALSIs' each containing nuclear weapons. A ramming attack delivered these weapons on each of the four remaining foresses int he system, resulting in their utter destruction. Surviving shipyards were destroyed by conventional forces.

Losses: 4 ALSI, 1 DDI, 37 Pacifiers.

Enemy losses: 4 Orbital fortresses 5 shipyards, 23 shadows.


First Red Spot Quadrant 6, Grid 681943, Turn 7.

Another of the huge Exterminator bases to be encounterd by human forces. The scoutingr eports indicated that incredibly high levels of Viking production were going on here. The fleet commander on the spot, Amiral Philips, decided that bold action was necessary - since waitng for Martian and Venerian reinforcements was going to take too long. He ordered OPERATION FAST BALL - a hit and run raid on the Exterminator shipbuilding facilities.

This resulted in 3 of the 8 enemy shipyard being destroyed.

Forces involved:
BBI Attila the Hun(Flagship), BBI Idi Amin, CVI Guevara, BBI Moshe Dyan, CVI Bolivar, CAI Apollo
CVI On Line Help(Flagship), CVI God Wills It, CVI Final Frontier

Losses: Of these, all the Esteeler carriers escaped with light damage but lost all pacifiers and their pilots. The Earther forces lost the Moshe Dyan (destroyed), the Guevara, Bolivar and Apollo (captured). The Attila the Hun and the Idi Amin were both damaged and are in need of repair.

Initial Scouting report : Schematic of system : Schematic of defences : Communications Log from the raid.


Z'Ha'Dum Quadrant 5, Grid 686845, Stardate 3200.110

One of the mightiest Exterminator bases ever encountered, the Combined Human Fleet under Venerian Admiral Lugaburruga will attempted to destroy it with a massdriving attack, supported by the combined human fleet.

The combined fleet sent two rocks on massdriving missions from opposite sides of the system. The Exterminators split their forces and engaged the whole main fleet with 3 ESBs and 6 vikings. A decoy force of support ships was driven off by another force of 3 ESBs and 6 vikings.

The battle between the main fleet and the exterminators was bloody, but ended in victory for human forces. A rock hit the main Exterminator base on Z'ha'Dum III - utterly destroying it. Only orbital facilities survive. The second force of ESBs burnt for the M25 on realising that the rock was unstoppable.

Forces engaged:
4 Battleships (Braveheart, Musashi, Abukuma, Devana),
10 Carriers, (Warlord, Reverie, Invader, Let's Make a Pact, Never Do That, No Guarantee, Sense of Purpose, The Prisoner, Run to the Hills, Luxembourg)
9 Heavy Cruisers (Indignant, Obnoxious, Vixen, Shrew, Ofanto, Battasia, Fort Charlotte, Gustav, Williams)
5 Light Cruisers (Bulldog, Paladin, Gallant, Nevatim, Gilat)
1 Assault Landing Ship (Encounter)
8 Support Carriers (Kindu, Flores, Lake Worth, King Leopold, Lug, Nancy, Freyr, Saguenay)
4 Escort Carriers (Rosemary, Fornever Star, Ramadan, Arafat)
2 Assault Carriers (Doctor Who, Phebe)
4 Destroyers (Cabiano, Nablus, Allenby, Hebron)

20 ships Damaged: 1 Battleship (Devana), 5 Carriers (Invader, Lets Make a Pact, No Guarantee, Sense of Purpose, The Prisoner), 4 Heavy Cruisers (Indignant, Vixen, Gustav, Williams), 3 Light Cruisers (Bulldog, Paladin, Gilat), 2 Support Carriers (King Leopold, Freyr), 1 Assault Carrier (Phebe), 2 Escort Carriers (Fornever Star, Arafat), 2 Destroyers (Nablus, Allenby)

18 ships Lost: 3 Battleships (Braveheart, Musashi, Abukuma), 2 Carriers (Reverie, Run to the Hills), 3 Heavy Cruisers (Shrew, Ofanto, Battasia), 2 Light Cruisers (Gallant, Nevatim), 1 Assault Landing Ship (Encounter), 3 Support Carriers (Flores, Lake Worth, Nancy), 1 Assault Carrier (Doctor Who), 2 Escort Carriers (Rosemary, Ramadan), 1 Destroyer (Camiano).

Enemy losses: 3 ESB (one captured) and 6 VIkings (one captured).

The first plan of attack (not used) | Communications Log


Battle of Begin Quadrant 6, Grid 632922, Stardate 3199.050

The Exterminators had started buiding one of the construction bases in the Begin system.  Scouts located it and Admiral Phillips coordinated an attack to destroy this base before it could become operational.  See Official Press Briefing here.

All six human battleships engaged were damaged, and a number of pacifiers shot down - but the defending Vikings and surface defences were destroyed, and the base utterly annihilated.


Battle of Peroxide  Quadrant 5, Grid 596868, Stardate 3199.106

The quadrant 5 Combined Human Fleet  (CHF) had been tracking the ESB that had destroyed SIMM and several other systems.  They managed to engage it as it left the Peroxide system.  A carefully executed plan managed to ambush and capture a scouting Viking unit, and as the rest of the ESB closed to engage the ambush force, it was itself caught by the main fleet and destroyed.

CHF Losses:  25 pacifiers.  Battleship MSN MUSASHI damaged, three heavy cruisers and one ALSI damaged, one light cruiser suffered slight damage.

Enemy losses:  ESB and 10 Shadows destroyed - one Viking unit badly damaged and captured.


Battle of Senta  Quadrant 5, Grid 666883, Stardate 3198.003

As the fleet was positioning itself for the battle of Yendor, it received reports of another attack, 36 parsecs away at Senta.  Admiral Shumilov, taking the hard decision of not reacting immediately, continued to win the battle of Yendor - then immediately burned for the M25 and Senta.

The fleet was still very weak from its previous battles, having had no reinforcement from the Home Systems.  This made the battle now a desperate one, with very heavy losses.  Nevertheless the Exterminator was destroyed.

Forces engaged: 2 Battleships, 3 carriers, 2 light cruisers and 7 destroyers.

Losses: Battleships : ESS Stalin, ESS Sheridan, Carriers, MSN Gladiator, VSS Blue Metal, Destroyers: ESS Cape Town, ESS Moscow, MSN Galatea.

All other units were seriously damaged.

Although a resounding victory, this has left the entire combined fleet in Q5 virtually  out of action for the foreseeable future.


Battle of Yendor  Quadrant 5, Grid 644852, Stardate 3197.357

Following the victory at Trucker, Admiral Shumilov, influenced by information from Martian scouting forces, calculated that the enemy that destroyed the Zionist colonies of DRAZI and DUBAI would be entering Martian space in the near future.  Thus moving the entire Combined Fleet to the Martian Colonial Capital at MARTI.  It wasn't long before the nearby colony of Yendor was calling for help.

Using her now well established surprise tactics, Shumiov led the depleted Combined Fleet bravely into action against yet another BSB.

This time the battle was less one-sided, but superior firepower told in the end.  The BSB was utterly annihilated.

Losses destroyed:  MSN Speedy, ESS Albert,  ESS Tyler,  VSS Ojika, VSS Hallowed Be Thy Name, VSS Dead Ringer For Love.

After the Battle, the Combined Fleet HQ was set up to coordinate anti-Exterminator operations from the Martian System of Vorlon.


Battle of Trucker   Quadrant 5, Grid 635875, StarDate 3197.292

After the disaster of the Battle of French, the political authorities put aside their caution and swiftly agreed to a Combined Fleet, under Venerian Admiral Shumilov.  Organising a rendevous, based on the most likely course of a known incoming BSB, she called for all surviving warships of the Alliance to rally at Trucker, where they would be joined by the powerful Venerian 5th Fleet.  Earther, Esteeler, Martian and Zionist forces were gathers, in time to note the arrival of a BSB intent on destroying the colony.  Remaining on silent running, the combined fleet waited until the enemy was committed, and pounched - forcing the enemy super battleship to fight.

After an epic battle, lasting nearly 20 minutes, the Exterminator was utterly destroyed.

Forces: Battleships:  ESS Sheridan, ESS Stalin, VSS Crossbow.  Carriers: MSN Gladiator, ESS Tyler, ESS Luxembourg, VSS Wonderful Life, VSS Hallowed Be Thy Name, VSS Dead Ringer for Love, VSS Blue Metal.  Heavy Cruisers: MSB Speedy,  ESS Albert, ESS Alexander.  Light Cruisers:ESS Panther.

Losses:  Destroyed - VSS Crossbow,  VSS Wonderful Life, ESS Alexander, ESS Panther.

Enemy Losses : 100%


Battle of Granyt, Quadrant 7.  Grid 684098, StarDate 3198.331

Venerian-led 5th Allied Fleet destroyed a Exterminator Viking unit near the M25 of Granyt, protecting the Grand Fleet and its mass driving operation.

Shortly afterward, the Exterminators abandoned their extensive base complex on Granyt 4 and fled the system.  A resounding victory for Huamnkind!  Operational Chronology here


Battle of Winky,  Quadrant 6. Grid 636972.  StarDate 3198.227

The Martian fleet received information of a Exterminator attack on Cordelia (601926), and rapidly moved its fleet from Adobe, to Dhu 'L-Qada, and coordinated with alliance forces (Earther TG6) moving up to Froglish (605944).  A recce of Cordelia indicated that the Exterminator had left, and there was some tripdation as to its next position until it was located at the non-aligned system of Winky (592950).

The combined fleets consisted of 5 Battleships, 3 Heavy cruisers and 4 Carriers, plus supporting vessels.

Based on experience in previous battles, the forces attacked aggressively and fairly quickly overhwelmed the single ESB.


1 Battleship, 1 Heavy Cruiser and 1 Carrier destroyed (ESS Lloyd George, ESS Zeus, ESS King).

2 Battleships and 1 Carrier damaged. (ESS Bismark, ESS Saladin, ESS Bolivar)


Second Battle of Doggie, Quadrant 6. Grid 636972.  StarDate 3198.064

The Earthers learned that the Exterminator forces at Doggie were still there.  Assembling new forces (including reinforcements from the Home Systems) - Task Group 9 under Admiral Smith - they resumed the war by seeking out the Exterminator enemy.

Arriving at Doggie, the TG found the Exterminators in the process of bombarding the inhabited world of Doggie III. Burning inwards to engage it became plain that the enemy consisted of a number of viking units (and no fully formed BSBs).  Despite this the battle was prolonged and bloody - resulting in the destruction of the enemy.

On completion of the space battles, the TG became aware of a Exterminator installation under consruction on Doggie IV.  After a brief period for reorganisation, Admiral Smith launched an ad-hoc Marine Brigade, supported by the handful of surviving pacifiers, under Brigadier Jones to assault the position.  After a bold and daring descent by shuttles right on to the top of the position, and a short action, the position was taken.  It turned out that the installation was less well armed that expected - it being still in a very early stage of construction.

TG9 consisted of:

2 Battleships, 1 Heavy Cruiser, 2 Carriers, 3 Destroyers, 3 Assault Landing Ships, 5 Logistics Ships.


1 Heavy Cruiser and 1 Carrier destroyed (ESS Orthos, ESS Hagior)

2 Battleships 1 Carrier damaged.


Battle of French  Quadrant 5, Grid 649872, Stardate 3197.231

Alerted by the invasions in the eastern edges of Esteeler and Martian colonial space, the Esteeler Governor and Martian Supreme Councillor for Quadrant 5 had managed to stitch up a temporary agreement to assist each other.  A Combined Fleet, under Martain Admiral Akiyoshi, assembled at French, an expected attack point.  The prediction was correct, and in due course, two BSB's arrived in system.  An aggressive attack plan was devised, invovling maximum use of nuclear weapons.

This had some success, in that reports indicate that one of the enemy machines was destroyed.  But the cost was terrible, and the other BSB, though damaged, was able to complete the destruction of the bulk of the fleet.  All bar one of the capital ships was destroyed, and the Admiral killed.  Few ships escaped, and the situation is critical.

The Combined Fleet consisted of :

Martian:  1 Battleship, 3 Heavy Cruisers, 1 Carrier, 1 Destroyer, 1 ALSI and 3 LSSI

Esteeler:  1 Heavy Cruiser, 4 Carriers, 1 Destroyer


Martian:  1 Battleship, 2Heavy Cruisers, 1 Carrier, 1 Destroyer

Esteeler:  1 Heavy Cruiser, 4 Carriers

Beserker:  1 BSB (and 1 BSB damaged), approx 18+ Shadows shot down.


Battle of Adobe  Quadrant 6, Grid 623937, Stardate 3197.295

The Martian 'Panther' Fleet of Quarant 6, under Admiral Hojo engages a single BSB near the inner planet of AdobeIII.  Utilising extreme aggressiveness, and large numbers of nuclear armed pacifiers, the fleet, whilst badly mauled, managed to destroy the enemy before it could ravage the inhabited colony.

Martian Fleet:  Battleships BALDAR and FENRIS, Heavy Cruisers ROARER, FIREBREATHER and HORNET, Light Cruiser DAREDEVIL, Carrier DEFENDER.  Station pacifier defence squadron from Adobe Station




BATTLE OF L'FAYET  Quadrant 7, Grid 637086, Stardate 3198.240

A Exterminator Viking unit was detected entering L'Fayet and burning for the colonial main planet L'Fayet III.  The L'Fayet starguard mobilised, and the L'Fayet Station protection Squadron went on combat alert.  The system's HSTS was not destroyed (contrary to known Exterminator SOP to date) so the JACHQ (at Potomax for the Summit) was informed with a few days, and kept informed throught the operation.

The battle between the viking unit with 4 shadows and the defenders culminated in the viking colliding with the system station and a large number of armed combat robots stormed the station, cutting their way through to the station control centre.  The defending marine regiment fought gallantly, and inflicted heavy losses, but was unable to prevent the attack destroying the station control centre.

Then the attackers withdrew, undocked and burnt out of the system.  Meanwhile the relief fleet from Potomax arrived in time to see the viking exiting the system.

Losses.  291 civilian and police casualties,  35 marine casualties, 11 pacifiers shot down.  One orbital station badly damaged.

See also this Battle Report


BATTLE OF ODIN'S SEAT Quadrant 7, Grid 648057, Stardate 3198.122, planet Flypaper IV

The first major ground battle of the war - the largest combined marine force battle ever.  Full illustrated battle report HERE


FLYPAPER, Quadrant 7, Grid 648057,  Stardate 3198.112

The biggest engagement of the war so far.  Full illustrated battle report HERE.


DOGGIE  Quadrant 6. Grid 636972.  StarDate 3197.369

Earther Task Group 11, commanded by Admiral L Phillips, engaged as Exterminator as it engaged the colony.  

Forces enagaged were: 6 x Battleships (Attilla The Hun, Checkmate, Defiant, Forceful, Idi Amin, Moshe Dyan), 2 x Carriers (Apollo, Zeus), 10 x Destroyers (Bogota, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Cydonia City, Freetown, Lima, Lome, Mexico City, Monrovia, Santiago)

The Exterminator force consisted of one full sized BSB and a couple of Viking units and about 20 Shadows.

The fleet approached cautiously and engaged at long range with heavy units.  These quickly started to take damage, and the pacifiers proved inadequate against the Shadows.  The Admiral ordered the Battleships to engage more closely, but the Exterminator firepower caused significant damage.  The Exterminator then seemed to break up, but the segments continued to engage independently.  The Admiral decided that maintaining the fleet was more important than defeating the enemy, and withdrew to Weygand.  Plans for the evacuation of all essential personnel from Weygand are in hand.  The situation in the quadrant is not good.


Destroyed:  3 Battleships (Checkmate, Defiant and Forceful) and  8 Destroyers (Buenos Aires, Caracas, Cydonia City, Lima, Lome, Mexico City, Monrovia, Santiago)

Damaged:  Atilla the Hun, Idi Amin, Moshe Dyan, Bogota, Freetown, Apollo.

Enemy Losses:  Approx 4 'Viking modules' and 10 Shadows.


SECOND BATTLE OF DYME  Quadrant 7.  Grid 648112.  Stardate 3198.016

Admiral 'Exterminator Killer' Burwasher, commanding a reinforced Task Group 7, pounced on a threatening Exterminator just outside the M25 of Dyme.

The enemy was critically damaged and beaten off, hopefully never to return.



Destroyed: Heavy Cruiser D'ARTAGNAN, Plus about 20.



BALDAR   Quadrant 7.  Grid 637064.  StarDate  3197.396

Forces engaged, Force FENRIS, which had been pursuing the Exterminators that ravaged Thor.



Heavy Cruiser: TIMOSHENKO


ALSI, DD and LSSI were left out of the battle at the M25 limit to report.

Enemy forces: 2 Exterminator Super Battleships.

Based on information received concerning Earther tactics, a massive, high intensity attack was made, with widespread use of nuclear weapons whereever possible.

The fleet encountered the Exterminators who had been bombarding Baldar colony and had already destroyed Baldar Station.

The firepower from one of the Exterminators was less than expected, although still formidable, and is is suspected that this one may have been damaged in some previous fight. The Admiral ordered a concentration of fire on the damaged Exterminator, and after an extremely costly battle managed to completely destroy it. The other Exterminator, although damaged, was able to escape the system, and given the losses of the fleet, the Acting Admiral Peabody chose to let it go rather than risk further losses in a pursuit. Having bravely led the fleet into action, Fleet

Admiral Kim Stanley-Robinson was killed when the INVINCIBLE blew up with all hands in the final stages of the battle.





DYME  Quadrant 7.  Grid 648112.  Stardate 3197.332

This was a second encounter for Task Group 7 with the Exterminator menace, the previous one being a skirmish in which the marines from the ESS Agamemnon captured one of the detachable modules of a Exterminator.  This time Admiral Burwasher (commanding) had gathered every operational starship with a view to crushing a (hopefully) damaged enemy.

Task Group Seven consisted of:

Battleships:  ENTERPRISE, KIEV (flag)

Heavy Cruisers:  VIRGINIA

Light Cruisers:  JAGUAR, LIBERTE



Forces NOT engaged:  Destroyers BAGDAD and DELHI (the Admiral felt they would be of little use in the battle) and Heavy Cruiser AGAMEMNON (still under repair at Marque from its last encounter with a Exterminator).

In this battle, the fleet went for a rapid attack, using maximum firepower, especially from the Pacifiers.  This was a costly battle, but the end result was the destruction of the enemy in a final volley of nuclear missiles.

Losses:  1 Battleship (Enterprise), 1 Heavy Cruiser (Virginia), 1 Carrier (Hood)

Badly Damaged:  1 Battleship (Kiev), 1 Light Cruiser (Jaguar), 2 Carriers (Lin Chun, Mandela).


ULTRA  Quadrant 7.  Grid 652102.  StarDate 3197.198

First contact battle by the Sirian forces.  We understand that they had little idea what they were getting into, and responded to a distress call from one of their colonies.  Their tiny fleet was overwhelmed before it could do very much.  From the confused reports, this looks as though it was just (!) one Exterminator.

Sirian Fleet consisted of:

Heavy Cruisers:  THUNDER, THE BEE.


Only the Vesky escaped, but was very badly damaged, all the other ships were destroyed with all hands.

The Sirian Colonial government has appealed to neighbouring colonies for help.


Battle of Dubai  Quadrant 5 Grid 663845, Stardate 3197.150 approx

The Xyonist 5th Fleet detected the arrival of an unidenfied warship.  It moved to engage near Dubai Station, and was instantly overwhelmed by massive firepower from a gigantic space battleship.  

The escort carrier and two of the three destroyers of 5th Fleet were destroyed.  The station, defending pacifiers and ulitmately the colonial capital was destroyed.

Only a few ships escaped, XSS AMAMI (DDI), XSS KESSARAYA (AKSI) (which shipped out senior government officials, including the Governor), XSS Z2012 (LSSI), XSS Z1997 (LSSI).

These surviving fleet elements withdrew to Drazi (grid 656846), arriving 3197.170


ASSTEK  Quadrant 7.  Grid 653084.  Stardate 3197.079.

This battle was originally kept secret by the Esteelers until it became clear that this was a widespread threat to humanity.  This was their first contact battle with the enemy.

Esteeler fleet consisted of :
Battleships:  VICTORY, BISMARK.
Heavy Cruisers:  DROZD, ISAKOV
Light Cruisers:  ALBANY, SALEM

They reportedly engaged what has since been identified as two fully operational Exterminators which had just destroyed the colony and station on Asstek.  The fleet was severly mauled, but managed to withdraw a number of ships.
Ships destroyed:  On the Bounce, Mask of Command, Victory, Bismark, Drozd, Isakov, Albany.
Ships badly damaged:  Bury My Heart, Last Best Hope, Salem.
Ships undamaged:  Akhtuba, Titan
Total losses:  2 Battleships, 2 Carriers, 2 Heavy Cruisers, 1 Light Cruiser.

Reports indicate that at least one of the Exterminators was badly damaged in the fight.


PAQUITO  Quadrant 6.  Grid 640959.  StarDate 3197.200.  

The first Battle of Paquito was a disaster for the Earth Empire. Detailed battle report here: Battle of Paquito and here
Forces Engaged:   2 Battleships, 1 Carrier, 2 Heavy Cruisers, 2 Light Cruisers, 3 Destroyers, 3 Log Support Ships
Losses.  2 Battleships, 2 Heavy Cruisers, 2 Light Cruisers, 3 Destroyers.
Enemy:  2 Exterminators, possibly one was destroyed.




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