Archive of Diplomatic & General Communications  
The messages below are mainly from 3199 and before. Since the end of 3199 political communications, news reports and diplomacy is conducted on the Universe mailing list. If you'd like to be a lurker on that list email JIM9000 for details of how to join.
Archive of Messages up to 3198.072 Joint Allied Command Situation Report (3198.080)
The Plan for Operation FLYSWAT (Battle of Flypaper) (3198.103) Information on Flypaper Base (3198.120)
Esteeler Fleet Battle Report - Battle of Flypaper (added to 28.2.99) 1st Allied Fleet and Venerian Fleet comparative orbat as at 3198.150 (Earth Naval Sources)
Operation FENRIR discussions (3198.120) Formation of 5th Allied Fleet
The Next Steps - from Burwasher  Message from Esteelers to Venerians 3198.122
Skinner's Plan for OP FENRIR  3198.121 Sirian Socialist Republic Call to Arms 3198.125 
Example of a datacorder record for a typical Sirian 11 year old, Evian System 3198.125 Sirian Message to Home Systems
Sirian internal propaganda Burwasher to the Sirians
Redeployment of JAC  - 3198.124 Progress in OP WILD GOOSE
Nuclear weapons stocks and production as at 3198.240 Governor Fulbright reports to Earth
Venerian report on Potomax Summit Minutes of the Historic Potomax Summit meeting  
Earth Declares Official Emergency  3198.240 Mars Declares Emergency   3198.255
Sirian Fleet Arrives  3198.250 Announcement of Operation SLEDGE HAMMER 3198.253
Follow up discussion on SLEDGE HAMMER Sirian communication of 3198.255
Discussion on Tactics for OP SLEDGE HAMMER Granyt Intrep 3198.284
Message to Q5 from Venerian High Command Comrade Gem Al-Fexit's Second Speech



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