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Current role assignments as at 30 Nov 2014 (18 places taken out of 41)
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Primary Role
Cameo or occasional role

Bright Slave Computers (1)

Jim Wallman JIM0000 Everyone else in the Universe.
Earth Empire (3/6)
James Kemp Senator Ozkok, Foreign Minister
Danso Tupac Ashanti - Quadrant Govenror Q1
Rob Cooper Sebastian Rathbone, First Minister and Treasury Minister
Klaus Dechau, Venerian Quadrant Governor Q1
NPC Senator Armstrong, Colonial Minister  
(vacancy) Minister of Defence  
(vacancy) Minister for the Colonial Office
Peter Howland Grand Admiral Andrew Burwasher, First Space Lord

Greater Federation of Asteel (3/5)

John Rutherford President of the Greater Federation of Asteel, Alphie Potato ( pronounced Po-TAR-toe)
Governor Quantrella B Zoob Q1
Tom Hayllar Senator Mohammed Attar, Secretary of State
Tom Mouat Admiral Hogan Stipes, CINCFeGS
Robert Anson Macdonald, Threat Team
(vacancy) Secretary for the Colonies
(vacancy) Secretary for Defence

Martian Association of Free Colonies (2/4)

Richard Hands Senator Banderas - Supreme Councillor of the Martian Union

Drakkir Hands, Academic & Special representative to Earth

(vacancy) Minister of Domestic Affairs
Simon Cornelius Senator Cornelius, Minister of War MAFC
(vacancy) Minister for Foreign Affairs

Republic of New Venus (2/3)

Stephen Brown President Kudriavy - Chair of the RExCom
Governor Mella Casa-Vub SSR Q1
Pete Sizer Admiral Von Daniken, Minister of Defence  
(vacancy) Minister for Foreign Affairs  

Wolf 359 Commonwealth (1/3)

Michael Young Prime Minister
(vacancy) Admiral Carley, Chief of Naval Staff
(vacancy) Minister of Defence

Sirian Socialist Republic (1/4)

Serena Jones
President Rachael Kapushinski
(vacancy) Gu-An San-Martin, Minister of Defence
(vacancy) Minister of Internal Affairs and Colonies  
Jurrien DeJong
Senior Advisor to the SSR
(vacancy) Nathan Kinsky, Minister of Foreign Affairs  
Union of Xyon (1/3)
Martyn Potts

Prime Minister Gideon Rafael of the Union of Xyon

(vacancy) Secretary of Defence
(vacancy) Mitsuya Dake, Commercial Secretary; Leader of the Labour Party
Centauri Conglomerate (1/3)
John Powney Virgil Atlantic, Chief Executive and Chair of the Centauri Democratic Board
Governor Alex Marunchak SoD UOX Q1
(vacancy) Conrad White, Deputy Chief Executive and Finance Director
(vacancy) Marcella Bich, Marketing and Corporate Relations Director (= Foreign minister)
Federated Worlds of the Outer Quadrants Quadrant 1 (0/2)
(vacancy) President William Jackson
(vacancy) High Admiral Xen, Commander of the Alliance Fleets
The New Republic Quadrant 7 (2/3)
Dave Winch G Forty, President of the New Republic
Jerry Elsmore MilliCent Yen, Chancellor of the New Republic
Caval247, Ambassador to Q0
(vacancy) Chief of the Naval Staff
Freedom Alliance (1/2)
Matt Bambridge Chair of the Coordinating Council
Admiral Kasei, Supreme Humanity Commander
(vacancy) Chief of Alliance Forces  
League of Non-Aligned Worlds (1/2)
Tim Hall Secretary General  
(vacancy) Chair of the Security Council





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