Space Pirates Raid Mining Base Prosperity Station

News is coming in of a daring pirate raid on the new asteroid mining support base Prosperity Station in the Meo system.  An audacious attack, allegedly led by the notorious Captain Flint was unusual in that it involved the cooperation of several pirate starships.  The struggle lasted for several hours before being resolved.


How it all Began:

"So have another drink, old chum"

The trader sat back and signalled to the robot waiter for more alcohol.

The group of space station construction workers sat around the bar happily drinking and talking loudly, while the trader sat with them, popular for his ability to supply a seemingly endless supply of free drinks. Their team foreman was sitting close to the trader and talking animatedly.

"Yeah..that new Belter station we was working on out near the lagrange 5 is doing well. And we 'aint complainin'. More work for us. Them stations are no trouble really - though being that far out means we don't get to socialise much" She leered at the trader through her drunken haze.

The trader put a consoling hand on her arm

"Yes, I know what you mean…so tell me more about your so important role in constructing those ever so well built defences? It must have been awfully hard."

"Yeah I was saying - y'know those multi-cannon turrets are a breeze to build once you've the experience…though that lot of belters out at Prosperity are a bunch of cheapskates - I mean if they ever had to try and use them cannon in combat … well I wouldn't fancy their chances of holding off an attack. Would you believe it? They insisted on using low yield ana-link couplings for the power traverse. Well I said to their chief engineer, I said - all it will take is a bit of overheating on the main cyclic ammo feed and the traverse will stick. But no, 'too expensive', they said. Huh, too expensive my butt. Well they'll be sorry if they get their precious station raided by pirates - serve 'em fugging well right if it does."

The foreman leaned forward "but, my interestin' friend, lets talk about you…" she gave another drunken leer.

"Of course" the trader said "drink up". The burly female foreman drank her new drink, smiled, and slowly, gently, like a giant falling tree fell off her chair -  unconscious. Her companions laughed but ignored it.

"Hmmm" said the trader to no-one in particular as he strolled casually out of the dockside bar "what an interesting conversation".

He hit his commlink.

"Mr Jones."

"Aye aye Capt'n" the trader's first officer responded.

"Mr Jones, prepare the Dark Boar to burn for Freeport - I believe we have encountered another exceptional opportunity for profit.     Hmmm .....   but I'm going to need need some help"

"Aye aye Capt'n Flint sir, Freeport it is."

PROSPERITY STATION... THE MEGAGAME, Took place at University College London on Saturday 16th March 2002.  

If you weren't there you missed out.

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