A Campaign from the 'Ancient History' of The Universe


The Colonisation of New Edo - StarDate 2920 onwards

In 2920 a new earth-type planet had been discovered. Orbiting the star known on Earth as 'Dubhe' at a range of 23 parsecs from Sol (familiar to Earth astronomers as the orange star in URSA MAJOR) and reported as 'a green and inviting world'. The discovery team, Japanese scientists from the Solar Science Institute, has dubbed it 'New Edo' and claimed it in the name of the Solar Republic.

Current Hyperspace Speeds. Most vessels are capable of moving through interstellar space at a speed half a parsec per day. Communications via hyperspace transmitter are four times faster at two parsecs a day.   Hence, travel Earth- New Edo is 46 days. Communications take approximately 12 days.  This means that Chief Executives of colonies could feasibly be called home to explain themselves at any point.

The Main Colonising Interests

1. Solar Republic [based Earth] local subsidiary: the Sunshine Company

This corporation (the closest of them all to being a 'real' political Unit like an old-fashioned 'nation') discovered the planet, and has a theoretical right to its exclusive use, though this is unlikely to be enforceable. It has set up an Agency called 'Sunshine Company' to press its claim on New Edo.

Public Colonial Policy Statement from First Citizen da Silva of the Solar Republic

The Solar Republic continues to make massive progress towards our aim of becoming the dominant force in the Solar System, and therefore the most powerful entity in the known space! Our consistent focus on cost-efficiency and good labour and customer relations has given our colonial effort the highest morale of any! In the past year good progress has been made on the construction of Titan Base and profits are on the rise!

Objectives for the Sunshine Company Mission

Make a happy colony, let's see lots of hard work and keenness, and get those products flowing in. The Colonial Office will try to be flexible if you have problems, but don't forget the bottom line.

Your contact on Earth is Colonial Secretary Homer Grubwitz.



Satellite picture of the
Sunshine colony in 2924



Satellite picture of the

NASA colony in 2924

2. NASA [based Nasa system] NASA New Edo Mission

The Nasans are famous for their sensible and practical outlook. Their planet is very wealthy. Science-based expedition with medium-term expectation of profit.

Public Colonial Policy Statement from the Chairman of NASA , Maria Robles

The Board have great faith in your ability to make this colony another stunning success for NASA. Although we are thinly stretched at the moment because of the number of colonial irons we have in the fire, we are sure this one will have a great future. Don't forget our traditions of scientific exploration and groundbreaking endeavour.

Objectives for the New Edo Mission

The Board will not pressure you for exports in the early stages, but will expect returns to flow in the medium term. Creativity is encouraged.

Contact: Mission Controller Boswell Grimes.

3. CENTAUR Corporation [based on Jabneh] Centaur Colonial Enterprises

Ferociously capitalist, will demand quick returns from the New Edo company and will be very tough and violent on under-performance or disobedience. Do whatever works. Dislike of tree-hugging sentimentality.

Public Colonial Policy Statement from the Chief Executive of the Centaur Corporation, Lester Hardman

Centaur Corporation has produced record shareholder returns this year and is on target for a dividend increase of 42%. Acquisitions include seventeen new trading vessels and a continent in the Jabneh System, and exclusive food supply contracts to the asteroid miners of Khod. The Board sees no reason to slow down the strategy of expansion and high return on capital employed.

Objectives for the Mission

You are a carefully selected team of Centaur's dynamic executives. You will be equipped with what you need and there is no excuse for underperformance. Stunning success is expected and will be heavily rewarded. Failure will not be tolerated. Contact: Profit Centre Manager, Team 7, George Freedman.



Satellite picture of the
Centaur colony in 2924



Satellite picture of the
Helix colony in 2924

4. Martian HELIX [based on Sirius] The New Edo Helix

Experts in gene manipulation; will favour attempts to blend with local life and begin farming as soon as possible.

Public Colonial Policy Statement from the Grand HelixMaster Krane

Another New World beckons us; our ability to achieve oneness with every environment will allow us to continue our successful series of colonisations, in which the Martians do not impose themselves on a hostile world but strive for understanding and sympathy.

Objectives for the Mission

Naturally we will require returns on the resources we have committed to the world; we expect you to move towards self-sufficiency and to display a superior understanding of the true nature of New Edo, which currently remains hidden but will become known to you. Work hard and work smart.

Contact: HelixMaster Drell Bjorksdottir

5. The CHURCH [based on Canaan] Dubhe Outreach

.A Church Militant with strong urge to evangelise. As is well known, the Church is short of cash and will require financial returns in the medium term.

Public Colonial Policy Statement from the Archimandrite Vernon

Go forth and multiply, O my brothers and sisters!

Objectives for the Mission

The coffers of the Church require you to provide a harvest of wealth, as well as your evangelical efforts require a harvest of souls, by which we expect you to become the biggest and most successful colony on this new world and persuade all others of their errors. Cleave unto the doctrines of the Church, but be prepared to speak the language of the ungodly to help them to see their folly.

Contact: Metropolitan Anders Grammercy.



Satellite picture of the
Church colony in 2924



Satellite picture of the
Agama colony in 2924

6. AGAMA Incorporated [based Agama] Agama Colony Team 17

Agama is a highly-educated and culturally developed planet with close links to Earth. It was colonised very recently. Many citizen-shareholders are Jewish. A very relaxed outfit which will give its subsidiary maximum freedom to take a long-term view. Dislikes extremism and prefers discussion and compromise.

Public Colonial Policy Statement from the Chairman of the Board of Agama Inc. Gough Green

The ultimate success of the Agaman project cannot be in doubt, given our natural superiority and sublime expertise; as the founders of the most recent and probably the most successful human colony ever created, Agama is content to accept returns in the medium term at all times, while expecting diligent and circumspect management; we have made several enemies with our seemingly effortless excellence.

Objectives for the Mission

Survival; take time to prosper, and be careful. When the time is right, be bold. Until that time, speak softly and make sure you do not become a target. Your sense of self-preservation will make it unnecessary, we trust, to discipline you.

Contact: Vice-President (New Colonies) Ezer Tollenbaum

7. HIGHLAND Combine [based High Land] Edo Force HighLand

Militaristic culture with high expectations of success.

Public Colonial Policy Statement from the Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Ted Hewlett

The benefits of readiness, discipline, and forceful response to provocation have been amply demonstrated by HighLander successes. Nobody messes with us twice, you better believe it. However, we must not neglect our economic activities while maintaining our strong defence posture.

Objectives for the Mission

Ensure clear objectives are set for both economic success and self-defence. You will be aware that deviance from accepted standards of behaviour, and in particular refusal to obey orders, will be severely punished.

Contact: General Waylon Dreedle.



Satellite picture of the
High Land colony in 2924



Satellite picture of the
Wolfer colony in 2924

8. WOLF Corporation [based Wolf 359] Wolfers plc

The Wolfers are famous for their toughness and bravery. They are not wealthy and traditionally are happy to take a 'fair share'. The expedition has cost a large chunk of Wolf's wealth. The expedition must be a success and must provide early profits or Wolf may be in danger of bankruptcy.

Public Colonial Policy Statement from King Albert VII.

Famed as we are for toughness, determination and bravery, I am confident nothing will stand in your way. The underdog can often be a surprise success, and as you are the finest hope we have for success, all our hopes are riding with you.

Objectives for the Mission; HomeWorld contact

You must provide decent profits by whatever means you see fit; it is important that Wolf ends up with a profitable colony, and we must have at least a foothold on this New World. Failure is not an option as we have stretched our finances to equip you and any carelessness or dereliction of duty will be frowned upon severely.

Your contact is Lord Walsingham, Royal Minister of Spacial Enterprises


Report on New Edo

Recce Photo of the Central Crater ofter the toxic mists cleared

The Coloniser's Handbook 2920