News of 3233 Turn 203

In a daring incursion into the Earther star system of Shyling, space pirates executed a brazen raid on an orbital mining station situated within the asteroid belt. The audacious attack unfolded amidst the ongoing Warspite Incident, as the Earth Navy grappled with addressing the colossal AI warship’s presence. Exploiting the distraction caused by Warspite, these […]

News of 3232 Turn 202

Famous Earther celebrity chat-show host Peter Markinson has died at the age of 131.  Markinson’s Tri-V career spanned nealry a century and included interviews with the infamous First Minister Lee Zhang aas well as famous film stars and Alphie Potato. Tensions are rising between Perfects and naturals on Y24.  The hospital adminstration on the colony […]

News of 3232 Turn 201

Sanctuary Clinics Corporation has officially opened its new headquarters on Penii, an Earther planet in Quadrant 7. The facility, designed to combine practicality and modernity, was inaugurated with the presence of delegates from various worlds. The corporation’s focus on healthcare progress was underscored during the event. Equipped with advanced research facilities and comfortable patient care […]

News of 3232 Turn 200

Authorities are downplaying reports of a massive Unidentified Space Object (USO) in the Big Greenie star system, suggesting it may be a new comet rather than an alien craft. Astronomers at the Big Greenie University Observatory detected an anomaly with unusual movements and a highly reflective surface. While initial speculation of nonhuman origins emerged, experts […]

News of 3232 Turn 199

Numenius City, planetary capital of Dyme (Q7), has been devastated as a rare fusion reactor leak caused the tragic loss of 256 lives.   Emergency teams swiftly responded, evacuating nearby areas and treating the injured. Authorities express deep sorrow for the lives lost and promise a thorough investigation to prevent similar incidents.  Fusion reactors are typically […]

News of 3231 Turn 198

In a significant move for interstellar commerce, the Boomer Corporation has announced the opening of its new corporate headquarters on the planet Marque. The company, which specialises in robotics and communications technology, was drawn to Marque by the economic initiative “Do Business With Earth” launched by the Earth Empire. The new headquarters will be a […]

News of 3231 Turn 196

FULL REPORT HERE Already the new initiative has had postive responses from major corporations with interests in Quadrant 7.  The Quadrant COO of Sanctury Clinics said “We welcome this new initiative, which is a true enabler of economic success and it is an attractive opportunity for Sanctury Clincs to widen its investment profile to support […]

News of 3231 Turn 195

Apparently stirred up by the so-called Arise! Imperial Draconis movement, anti-Earther feeling is running high on Draconis.   Anything even suspected as being related to Earth or Earhters is being vandalised, attacked or destroyed, and hundreds have been injured in many incidents. General Mustar, charismatic commander of the Revolutionary Brigades in the north of the DATW […]

News of 3230 Turn 194

Previously a minor illness, a new strain of Green Fever (which is highly infectious) has taken the local medical authorities by suprise and is spreading rapidly. Father Shakewell, a controversial prelate on Y24, is stirring up civil unrest by preaching the militaristic Clewgist religion. Father Shakewell’s teachings have attracted a rapidly growing following, leaving some […]