News for 3221 Turn 158

Wolfer official news sources have confirmed the arrival of the multi-national inspection team, who will be taken to the classified location of the kidnapped Zubatians to verify their welbeing. Following strenuous quarantine and medical interventions, four worlds previously reported to be suffering badly from the DinoFlu pandemic are now decleared safe – it being an […]

News of 3221 Turn 155

The controversial Shi’arian president has historically made no secret of her dislike of aliens and expressed concern at any sort of accomodation with ‘Fracking murderous roaches’.  In leaving the League of Non-Aligned Worlds, Shi’ar has represented an undercurrent of anti-Chosen feeling among Quadrant Zero’s independent worlds, and Shi’ar has cemented this with a new defensive […]

News of 3220 Turn 154

Relationships with the Beings of Beldon, or ‘BoBs’ as the locals have started calling them, have remained very cordial, and work is progressing well as the Beings have been deploying their colonising equipment, prefabricated machines and habitation domes.  Support from the wider Universe has been positive, and the Beldonian Government especially thanked the fraternal support […]

News of 3220 Turn 153

Black Hole on Mystery to be ‘Shut Down’ Following in-depth discussions at the recent Asteel Summit, it was agreed that the International Forerunner Foundation (IFF) operation on Mystery be terminated, all personnel evacuated, and the tethered singularity there be allowed to be shut down by the Forerunner Artificial Intelligence known as Interlocutor.  The evacuation has […]