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Lunar Bases - huge document of the proceedings of a NASA sponsored symposium.. ery detailed on the practicalities of building sustainable habitation on the moon.
NASA - this is the place for space - one day this organisation might be quite important.
- NASA - Space Settlement
JPL - NASA Jet propulsion Lab at CALTECH.  Even More techie space stuff.
- JPL / NASA's Planetary Photojournal - an utterly brilliant place for pictures of the solar system
Spaceguard UK     Asteroid and comet impact hazards and what the UK Government is doing about it.
Galaxies    general information on galaxies
Planetary Defense     protecting earth from asteroids
Encyberpedia's SPACESTATION.COM A locus for a whole load of links to real space technology.
 The Space/Astronomy Acronyms Page
 Magnetic Levitation
Starships, Space Colonies and the like...discussion the design of space habitats.
PERMANENT - project on Asteroid mining - good stuff
Project Colony - excellent stuff on space colonisation - and a good links page too.
Sol Station - excellent astronomical data site


Wargames / RPGs

Chestnut Lodge Wargames Group homepage (loads of members play in The Universe).
Free wargames page - a whole load of free game rules from the Universe's stable.
The  City of Yendor Pages - a (rather old) previous fantasy universe by us.
RPG Programs - a really useful collection
IRONY GAMES - a brilliant collection of utilities and tools for RPG etc.
Free Wargames Rules Site - why pay?
Tom Mouat's quite fantastic MAPSYMBS site - go there - NOW.-RECOMMENDED
Sandman Role Playing Pub Crawl
Fractal Worldmap Generator - infinite free planet maps generated on line.


Other Universe Sites

Serena Jones' Sirius Socialist Republic
Rob Cooper's Earth Empire pages
James Kemps Universe Wiki
Mike Young's Wolf359 Commonwealth pages
Martyn Potts' Union of Xyon pages

Richards Hands' Martian Website
Index of Russian Naval Ship Names - useful for ship / personal names.


Science Fiction

Bleep And Booster - classic and inspirational 1960's SF
Abandoned Missile Base VR Tour
Starships of the Imperium
Dan Dare - a huge influence for the Imperial Earther Navy
Space Zoo
The Official US WebSite of H.R.Giger
National UFO Reporting Center
MUFON (Mutual UFO Network)
Star Wars Home Page

Dr Who image archive


SF Games

WarpSpawn Games - collection of interesting games.  I love the Orc Juggernaut one!



Megagame Makers Homepage



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