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  Planetside Ground Forces  

There are several main types of military unit deployed planetside. This section contains a guide to the most common organisational types, though there are widespread local variations, as the conditions on each world vary widely.

The main types of Ground Force Formation are:

Regular Ground Force Division (GFD)

This is the mainstay of professional combat troops. Equipped with high levels of mechanised units and a great deal of tactical and strategic mobility, this is capable on intercontenental operations nad rapid offensives on the planet's surface. These are widely regarded as the most combat-effective units. The Regular divisions also provide the only source manpower recruited for the Starship Marines. A GFD is made up of around 5,000 troops all heavily armed with the best equipment and a large amount of supporting firepower and heavy weapons.

There are two main organisational structures for the GF Division - modelled on either the Earther or the Martian systesm.

Earth GF Division ORBAT | Mars GF Division ORBAT

Planet Guard Division (PGD)

The planet guard division is larger, but less heavily equipped than the Regular GFD. Its role is to provide regional security forces, concentrating on Cities and Key points. It is cheaper to operate, but a lot less flexible than the GFD. Because their expertise and recruitment is usually local, PGDs cannot usually easily be deployed off-world. These are about 20,000 strong, with few heavy weapons and lower standard equipment (wheeled vehicles rather than hover, for example).

A typical Planet Guard Division is described here

Police / Internal Security Division (ISD)

A paramilitary formation comprised, variously, of a combination of specail response / SWAT type formations, and internal security troops. Specailising in anti-terrorism and pacification duties. These troops are trained differently to GF soldiers in that their primary task is not war-fighting. Often used in in low-intensity operations in preference to GF troops, who tend to cause more unecessary casualties. This is usually abour 15,000 troops with no heavy military equipment, but a range of specialist equipment such as riot vehicles.

See the ORBAT of an ISD here

Militia GF Division (MGFD)

This is a military formation made up of locally recruited troops. Militia Divisions vary enormously in size and standards of training and equipment. In many cases they are subject to regional policial command on a given planet. Because of their local nature, they cannot easily be deployed off-world. A MGFD is usually about 20,000 troops with light equipment and no heavy weapons.

Interstellar Transport for Divisions

A GFD (of either type) is regarded as the standard mobile military formation. Assault Landing Ships (ALSI) are optimised to transport a GFD in 2 ships, and land them offensively.

It is also possible to transport (but not land quickly) a GFD in a Troop Transport Ship (TPT).

Other division types require more shipping, usually around twice as much per division as a GFD






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