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Welcome to the Imperial Earth Fleet Academy

Located on Triton Station, Sol System, the Academy provides a centre of excellence for command training in the Imperial Navy.  Graduates of this academy go on to independent command, and high command appointments.


Crew and Manning Ships
Know Your Rank Structure Ships Taken Up from Trade (STUFT)
Crew Functions Ship Repair, Maintenance and Upgrade
Bluffer's Guide to Command Space Battles : Starship Strike Rules
Typical Crew Complements : Heavy Cruiser : Destroyer : Armed Merchant : Pacifiers
Star Guard
Intelligence Legal and Technical
The Exterminator Threat - initial assessments. Mass Driving
The Exterminator Threat - Unit Interim Report  
UNIT Annual Report 3201  
Ranks of other Nations: UoX | GFA | VR | MAFC | Wolf | SSR | CC | MDF  
The Navy's Deep Space Force - Even better than the Starship Marines?



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