A Brief Explanation


This is a persistent science fiction game environment, based around a variety of game rules from the highest level macroeconomics, down to combats between individuals in deep space.

The Universe evolves from month to month, year to year. Some of the underlying assumptions have been around for a while, most have been developed in the last 18 years of its existence, with the help of participants in the ongoing Full Moon Society's games set in the Universe.

On these web pages you will find a huge variety of materials, including free game rules, background information on the people of the universe, their societies, their ships, their troops, their political infighting.

Much of it is structured around the various game rules that model events in the universe - 'Starship Marine', 'Humanity Will Prevail' and 'Starship Strike' being the main combat games that draw on this Universe for background and inspiration - though a number of other game rule sets have been developed in recent years, and these are consistent with the general background too.

Humanity has faced many threats over the years - implacable killing machines known as The Exterminators, warlike aliens known as Roaches, hostile superintelligent computers - and, of course, the ever present threat of internecine warfare between human nations.

The best way to get a feel for The Universe is to browse the menu to the left - especially the Encyclopaedia Universalis.

I hope you enjoy it, or even find the materials here useful for your own games.

Lurkers are welcome, if you would like to join the universe emailer to just watch the game in play, you are very welcome - just email me and we'll put you on.

Jim Wallman



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