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  Greater Federation of Asteel  

Known as the Esteelers: A young and thrusting Star Empire, with many worlds under its sway. The quality of its fighter personnel is excellent, having a large population to select from - potentially the most powerful of all human groupings, it has yet to put forth its greatest strength it seems. There seem to be many Venerian staff officers and Martian marines & pilots in Esteeler service - mainly because Esteel pays very well.  Asteel is also know to foster alliances by providing economic and military support to smaller grouping.

Notes on current Esteeler politics from 'Bluffer's Guide to Galactic Politics'

GFA Home Worlds - Quadrant Zero

GFA Election 3210 - NEW

Presidents of the GFA - NEW

The presidential election of 3200 was won by the controversial Star Party candidate, Alphonse Z.Potato

General Background of the GFA


Asteel War of Independence 2976 - Another Codd History

Answers to Internal Affairs Questions




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