This is the blank set of questions designed to get an idea of the nature of a polity - in particular its internal structure.

Q1. Freedom of Movement

To what extent can any member of your population move to any part of your planet (or between systems); without reference to any form of authority (i.e. Customs, Police, or other authorities)?

Q2. Freedom of Action

Are there any portions of your population precluded from particular jobs or activities (i.e. Women, Blacks, ex-cons, etc)?

Q3. Freedom of Expression

If an individual or group were extremely critical of your Government's actions or policies, to the extent that it might affect your popularity, what steps would you take?

Q4. Control of Media

To what degree could you prevent the publication or transmission of information to the general public that you regard as detrimental either to your government, or to the welfare of the people?

Q5. Direct Control of Media

Are there any parts of the media that you have no direct editorial control over?

Q6. Severity of punishment

a. Mass murderers?
b. Rapists?
c. Great Train Robbers?
d. Traitors?
e. Petty theft? .
f. Assault?
g. Indecent Exposure?
h. Illegal parking?
i. Illegal drug abuse?

Q7. Right of appeal

How would a defendant charged with one of the above crimes appeal against their sentence, and to whom?

Q8. Police powers

a. Privacy and civil rights: is there anywhere that your police cannot go, and if there are limits, what are they?

b. Police powers v. civil rights: under what circumstances may the police arrest and detain?

c. Complaints procedure: to whom are the police accountable, and by what means may the general public complain or object to their activities?

Q9. Open Government

What sort of Government activities are kept secret from the general public?



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