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  Centauri Conglomerate  

Formed from the original exploration companies that exploited the first colonies on Alpha Centauri (Gustav), the original companies, Mizu Zaibatsu, NASA Corp and  Solartech have now dissapeared as separate entities, but their corporate philosophies have remained in the political life of the Conglomerate. The supremacy of the contractual relationship in Centauri society, and the principles of personal and corporate freedom lead the Centauri to claim that they are the only truly free democratic nation.

As a result of the AI war of 2900, and their experience in the destruction of Gustav, the Centauri are strongly anti-robot in general, and will not permit independent robots to operate in their armed forces.  Fortunately they have a large enough population to support the many tasks that are otherwise done by robots on other worlds.

Centauri Government

Answers to the Political Questionnaire for Centauri Conglomerate

Current Economic Summary

Centauri attitude to mercenaries




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