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The Draconian Empire

Social Background

The Draconian colony is a single breakaway world, inhabited by an astonishingly arrogant culture. The bulk of the population use cyborg technology to an unprecedented degree - where the rest of the universe prefer techniques of human genetic engineering to achieve near perfect humanity, the Draconians believe that only in partnership with machines can humanity reach its peak.

As far as the rest of humanity are concerned, they are completely potty.

The main impact of the high levels of cyborging is to dehumanise the typical Draconian - in extreme cases they are more machine than human. They have developed a vicious meritocracy based on power and achievement - a sort of artificial social Darwinism. They also, as a people, believe in the superiority of themselves, their system, and their way of life. In draconian eyes, the rest of the universe merely temporarily inhabited by 'organics' (a term of abuse) - waiting for the Draconian Empire to gather sufficient power to realise its obvious destiny; to rule over the whole of human space.

At present the Draconian Empire rules over a single world and a few asteroids in a forgotten corner of The Human Universe.

One further point - the Draconians rarely, if ever, refer to themselves as 'Draconian', especially when talking to outsiders. They most often call themselves 'The Empire' and 'Imperials' - sometimes they just assume everyone knows who they are, since their superiority is so obvious.

The current emperor was Emperor Krakken III - since his capture by an Earth Empire punative expedition, there has been civil war on Draconis.

Political Background

The Draconian Empire is aware of a crisis in the 'organic space' - but since they do not welcome visitors, or have much contact with the outside normally, they have kept out of it. They have heard of the 'Exterminators' - a hostile machine intelligence, but the prevailing view on Draconis is that the Exterminators have only been hostile out of contempt for the weak and useless organic humans.

Draconis want to become strong enough that when the organic nationalities do start to take an interest, it can defend itself sufficiently to make conquest too expensive - and thus retain their independence.




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