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  Free Worlds Alliance  

The Free Worlds (originally Seven Worlds Defensive) Alliance is a collection of independent systems in quadrant one.

The original seven systems involved in the alliance are Killiekrankie, Pratt, Nose, Gat, Lamster, Damper and Radhakrishnan.

Ankh joined in 3207 and the alliance was subsequently re-named.

Politically the members of this alliance have been growing closer in recent years - and whilst it is not a national entity, the Alliance has a common defence policy, has very closely aligned foreign policy and economic ties are becoming ever closer.

Over the last few years, the Alliance Council of Ministers, Chaired by the redoubtable Chairman Jackson has grown in influence within the Alliance - so much so that there is a considerable political movement for political union of the eight worlds under an elected president. Jackson's non-nonsense chairmanship has been the driving force behind substantial anti-pirate and peacemaking mission to neighbouring systems, as well a virutally eliminating piracy within the systems of the Alliance members.

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