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  Mald Democratic Foundation  

An ancient and separate people, Maldenites stay out of the mainstream of human politics.  Their economic influence is rumoured to be widespread, and their polity is said to to have enormous resources.  They have a long tradition of political neutrality and aloofness from the manstream of human life.

Many rumours abound, the more outlandish of which include suggestions that the Maldenites have access to secret ancient 'forerunner' technology, or that they are in contact with a number of non-human sentient species who remain hidden and secretive, or that they are, in fact, themselves a species of 12 foot shape-changing lizard men, who have been 'shepherding' mankind's development for many thousands of years or that they are the instigators and controllers of a secret cabal of interstellar corporations and politicians who really run the universe.

These ideas are all, of course, ridiculous.

Notes on the Political Structures of the MDF

Notes on the Maldenite Military

Notes on Mald Economics

Notes on the great Academic Institutions of the MDF

Notes on MDF Diplomacy




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