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  Mars Association of Free Colonies (Martian Union)  

Visit the Official Martian Governmental Website here (external link)

The modern Martians no longer live on the Mars of Sol, but New Mars, a better world and centre of a growing colonial empire. Old Mars is actually still part of the Earther Empire.

The Martians and the Earthers represent the Old Home System, the Martians in particular have a strong military tradition, many of them are to be found working as mercenaries in many armies and fleets in the Universe. They have a fierce pride and famous stubbornness in battle and are well regarded as in a fight. Martians tend to look down on anyone from a newer colony than theirs (i.e. everyone except Earthers and other Martians).

For a Martian perspective on the origins and history of the Martian Union, and for a fuller description of the Martian Union's political structure click here for the Official website

Answers to political questionnaire click here

Some early history of Mars from the 21st Century (old dates) - The Mars Society (external link)

Current Economic Summary

Location of Various Martian Embassies



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