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  The Republic of New Venus  

National Anthem - "The Lightning Flag"

Venerian dress codes

Answers to the Internal Affairs Questionnaire

Current Economic Summary

Composition of the ruling Republican Executive Committee (RExCom) (3206)

A Brief History of the Republic

In general, the Venerians are relative newcomers on the interstellar political scene (their home planet New Venus only having become independent itself about a century ago), and as a result they are ambitious and highly politicised at all levels.

They are renowned for their harsh military discipline in time of war - when just about every transgression from petty theft upwards is punishable by hanging (not easy in zero-G).  The military philosophy of the Republic is summed up by the motto of the Venerian High Command :
"Carpe Diem, Carpe Jugulum"

They are fiercely jealous of their standing as a major political force. This high degree of political ambition may be why they have established a long standing tradition of what may be regarded elsewhere as political repression (such as complusory embedded ID chips) - although the Venerian government would describe this as a reasonable curtailment of dangerously subversive elements.  

Certainly the Venerian Interstellar Special Constabulary (ISC) are famous for always getting their criminal - no matter how many parsecs the perpetrator may run.



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