Full Thrust Variant  

The excellent rules, Full Thrust, by Jon Tuffley can also be used to fight universe battles, and are recommended for anyone who wants a quick and very playable game.

Jon's rules are now freely downloadable from the GZG website. Thanks Jon.

Obviously, there will be some differences in the feel of a battle using Full Thrust compared to rules designed specifically for the Universe, such as HELLFIRE and Big Burn. But Full Thrust are so similar in philosophy to the approach taken in The Universe, that we thought it well worth while doing these modifications for an FT variant.

System Equivalents:

In order to reflect the ships and technology of the Universe here are the equivalent systems

Full Thrust The Universe
Primary 'A' Beam Battery PAD
Secondary 'B' Beam Battery HELL
Area Defence Anti-Fighter Heavy Cannon and Short Range Missiles
Point Defence Anti-Fighter Multi Cannon
Pulse Torpedoes Long Range Missile
FTL Drive Hyperspace Drive
Fighters Pacifiers
Needle Beams, Mines, Submunitions and Screen Generator No equivalent in The Universe

Rules Modifications:

Movement: Ships may rotate to bring weapons to bear - so long as their direction of travel is noted (use a counter to indicate current direction of travel, and the ship model to represent facing for weapons arc purposes.

Armour: Damage is alwasy are taken on armour boxes first. These do not trigger 'threshold damage' when the row is exhausted.

Fighters / Pacifiers: Universe fighters are in flights of 4, otherwise the rules can be used in much the same way.

Ship Record Cards:

Heavy Cruiser
Light Cruiser




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