Rules for Space Battles

>HELLFIRE< Space battles for big ships, very detailed, assuming one player per ship..
Big Burn Big fleet Actions - designed for each player to control many capital ships. Rules, movement order sheet, random number table spreadsheet, and sample scenarios
Cruel Void Space dogfighting with 'pacifier' craft. Aslo the new 'PacWar' massed dogfight rules..
The Full Thrust Variant Full Thrust Fans! - Here is how to play Universe battles using Jon Tuffley's excellent rules.

Starship Strike

Fast play big fleet actions. Also download and print the essential Damage Card set (needed for the rules) plus Fleet Counter sheets to build your fleet:
Red fleet counters
Blue fleet counters
Green fleet counters
White fleet counters
Orange fleet counters
Gold fleet counters
Extra counters - specials / exterminators / roaches / civilians

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