In all the time of human expansion, there has been no reported example of sentient life forms on any of the human colony worlds.

There is growing evidence of a dominant pre-human alien civilisation in the region, known as the Forerunners - the evidence they left behind them is meagre, but a major effort is being made to learn more about them (see the IFF page).
Most colonised worlds have indigenous animals - and these have a very wide diversity of form and function - so this sort of 'alien' exists in abundance. The vast majority of colonised worlds seem to be in the age of giant reptiles.

Every so often there are rumours, of course. Space is big and humanity spread quite thinly outside Quadrant 0, so colonists report all manner of strange things - little grey aliens, 12 foot shape-changing lizard aliens, invisible killer aliens, fairy-folk, goblins, and indestructible flying aliens. So far none of these accounts have ever been independently verified.

So - there are officially no aliens in the human Universe. Well - at least until the Exterminators came.

Outside of human space it has recently been discovered that there are indeed sentient alien civilisations - four have so far been identified:

a. The putative 'Hostile Exterminator Builders' (or HEBs) whose location and existence was learned from decoding captured Exterminator brain units. This is an advanced technological culture that for soime reason constructed the Exterminator self-replicating warships and unleahsed them on Humanity. Needless to say, the HEBs are not pupular. The HEB's homeworlds are believed to be located about 4 Hyperyears away, and there is currently a military mission to set up bases near their worlds and find out more about them.

b. The 'Boldly Go Aliens' discovered by their transmissions - they are located some 2 Hyperyears away, (so called because of the mission sent to scout their worlds was called Operation Boldly Go). Little was discovered about their culture due to the supreme difficulty of translating their communications. They have technologies very different to those used by humanity. However, the distance makes regualr visits to study them problematic.

c. The 'Universe B' Aliens. Due to a transdimensional accident, visits to another Universe occured, and contact was made with a tehcnological civilisation of the other side. It was agreed that this contact should not continue, and the rift between universes has now been sealed.

d. 'The Visitors'. All that is known about these mysterious beings is that they are from another Universe (Universe C?) - travel between Universes in their 1km-diameter 'ships' - and appear to only be interested in trade. Apart from the trade goods they have left behind, nothing is known about their technology, culture or physical form.




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