New Technology
There have been no fundamentally new technologies for several hundred years. Even the refinements of existing technology have stopped. The weapons, ships, consumer goods, transportation, communication, entertainment and domestic technologies are therefore stable. In this era it is a case of making best use of what is, rather than invent a better device.

Some technologies fall out of fashion, and then get 'rediscovered' - others are so common that nobody even thinks of them as technology (computers for example). Humanity - as always - is ingenious and cunning in re-using existing technology in imaginitive ways. Particularly in weapons.

For example, the technology to mass drive asteroids into planets has existed for centuries, but the practice was banned by international treaty, and nobody has done it for over a hundred years. All that was required when such a thing was needed to attack the Exterminators was to look up in the archives how to do it.

Here is a list of some of the obsolete weapons technologies that are not longer in use.

Computers are of very little importance. Nobody notices them. Everybody has a notebook, which contains as much information as is required on anything. Ancient concerns like processor speed, data storage, bandwidth etc are things of the past, and therefore unimportant. Nobody even talks about computers any more.

Things like computer viruses and operating systems that crash every day are almost legendary things of ancient history. Modern systems are fundamentally virus-proof and 100% reliable (battle damage excepting).

"...we are, by any practical definition of the terms, fool-proof and incapable of error." - HAL-9000



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