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The Union of Xyon was originally formed several centuries ago from a coaltion of religious fundamentalists from old earth and a strong breakaway belter miner faction.  Its original religious focus has now long since vanished.  This relitively small but fiercly independent grouping has always had its own traditions and ways of doing things, drawing on rugged self-sufficiency and independence of thought inherited from it’s founders.

Xyonist political attitudes are robust – always seeking to maximise the advantage to the Union, particularly in financial terms.  Their intelligence services are also probably the most efficient of all the nationalities – and it is this concentration on high quality intelligence has often helped them to hold their own against much stronger powers.

As mentioned above, they are now not so religiously defined as in the past, and the Union is generally regarded as a close ally to the Greater Federation of Asteel, who have provided them with quite a lot of equipment at knock down prices.

During the Exterminator War, good links have also been built up with the Earth Empire – at last putting behind them some of the ancient animosities that have marred the historical relations between Empire and Union for so long.

Political system of the Union