News of 3197 Turn minus 12

News of 3197
Turn -12: 3197.350 – 3197.399

Space Liner Rescued

Dateline Marque Q7 3197.345

The Venerian Government of Red Rok is recovering from the effects of the kidnapping of the infamous Mayor Ken Deadrock by the notiorious space pirate Flint. A quadrant-wide news blackout was lifted as news of a successful mission by the ESS Agamemnon to recover the missing Mayor and bring the pirate (along with dozens of his associates) to justice. A spokesperson for the Venerian Quadrant Government said “Well, obviously we are grateful to the Earthician Forces for the assistance, but we were about to recover Mayor Deadrock ourselves – it was only a matter of time really.”

Battle of Dyme

Quadrant 7.  Grid 648112.  Stardate 3197.332

This was a second encounter for Task Group 7 with the Exterminator menace, the previous one being a skirmish in which the marines from the ESS Agamemnon captured one of the detachable modules of a Exterminator.  This time Admiral Burwasher (commanding) had gathered every operational starship with a view to crushing a (hopefully) damaged enemy.

In this battle, the fleet went for a rapid attack, using maximum firepower, especially from the Pacifiers.  This was a costly battle, but the end result was the destruction of the enemy in a final volley of nuclear missiles.


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