News of 3198 Turn Minus 8

Battle of Flypaper

Quadrant 7, Grid 648057, Stardate 3198.112

The biggest engagement of the war in Q7 so far. Huge combined fleet defeats three Exterminator Super Battleships.

Battle of Odin’s Seat

Quadrant 7, Grid 648057, Stardate 3198.122, Flypaper IV

The first and only major ground battle of the war – the largest combined marine force battle ever stormed and captured a huge Exterminator base.

Battle of Peroxide

Quadrant 5, Grid 596868, Stardate 3199.106

The quadrant 5 Combined Human Fleet (CHF) had been tracking the ESB that had destroyed SIMM and several other systems. They managed to engage it as it left the Peroxide system. A carefully executed plan managed to ambush and capture a scouting Viking unit, and as the rest of the ESB closed to engage the ambush force, it was itself caught by the main fleet and destroyed.


Q7 Stardate 3198.114

The Martian Battleship ‘Odin’ has been found drifting in space, all power and communications systems down, near Flypaper IV, following the battle against the Exterminators. Salvage crews from Battle Group Midgard have placed the vessel under tow. All contact was lost with the ‘Odin’ during the final stages of the battle as the fleet’s sensors were blinded by multiple nuclear flashes, and the ship was thought destroyed. It was only discovered after a routine Pacifier sweep to look for remaining ‘Shadow’ craft in the system. On the bridge, Admiral Rice-Burroughs was discovered to have survived the battle unscathed, and has been transported to the Carrier ‘Conqueror’, the new flagship. He pronounced himself glad to be back, and disappointed that he had missed the battle’s denouement. He asked for his compliments to be passed to Admiral Burwasher, the Allied commander-in-chief, for producing the winning battle plan and for his command of simultaneous equations, and to Esteeler Admirals Stipes and Chevron for their conduct of the battle. “Must be because all of your decent officers are Martians”, he joked. Meanwhile, the ‘Odin’ will be returning to Xynam for refit as soon as repairs to drives can be completed. Crew casualties have been transferred to other ships.


Stardate 3198.120

News has just been leaked from the Venerian Official Press Office that they have formed a second fleet, and that it is on its way to join the Allied Fleet. This new force is rumoured to consist of 6 warships, including the infamous Battleship Magnificent, and commanded by Admiral ‘Butcher’ Krivenko. Our defence correspondent informs us that the slow response of the Venerians might be as a result of a recent technical problem with their military communications systems, but as usual the Venerians are keeping the lid on any and every piece of news about their military capabilities. Interstellar News Network

Sirian Fleet believed lost

Q7 Stardate 3198.124

No word has been heard from Sirian 4th Shock Fleet since it left the home system about 4 months ago. Serious rumours abound of another disastrous battle against the Exterminators, as well as laughable ones of alien abduction and of an infestation of some sort of destructive xenomorph. Sirian Ministry of Information sources claim that the Fleet is on unspecified manoeuvers for an unspecified period of time in an unspecified location, and that more information would be available in due course. Further information has not been forthcoming.

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