News of 3198 Turn Minus 9

Second Battle of Doggie,

Quadrant 6. Grid 636972. StarDate 3198.064

The Earthers learned that the Exterminator forces at Doggie were still there. Assembling new forces (including reinforcements from the Home Systems) – Task Group 9 under Admiral Smith – they resumed the war by seeking out the Exterminator enemy. Arriving at Doggie, the TG found the Exterminators in the process of bombarding the inhabited world of Doggie III. Burning inwards to engage it became plain that the enemy consisted of a number of viking units (and no fully formed ESBs). Despite this the battle was prolonged and bloody – resulting in the destruction of the enemy. On completion of the space battles, the TG became aware of a Exterminator installation under consruction on Doggie IV. After a brief period for reorganisation, Admiral Smith launched an ad-hoc Marine Brigade, supported by the handful of surviving pacifiers, under Brigadier Jones to assault the position. After a bold and daring descent by shuttles right on to the top of the position, and a short action, the position was taken. It turned out that the installation was less well armed that expected – it being still in a very early stage of construction.

Venerian Fleet On Its Way

Q7 Stardate 3198.096

Word has just reached us that the Verneian contingent is, as we write, hurtling through hyperspace to join the combined Human forces at Potomax. Earlier communiques from Venerian High Command apparently were lost down the back of a heating panel in the editor’s office. It is expected to arrive at Potomax on or around 3198.110. Official sources confirm that the Venerian Contingent consists of: 1 Battleship (CENTAUR), 2 Carriers (SMOKE ON THE WATER and WATCH THE SKIES), 1 Heavy Cruiser (TRUXTUN) and 1 LSSI (YELLOWSTONE), the force commander is the famous (or is that imfamous) Admiral Yuri Leonov, aboard the flagship Centaur.

Xyonist Forces Despatched Q7

Stardate 3198.095

Rumour has it that a Xyonist fleet is expected at Potomax sometime around 3198.120, although official Union sources are, as usual, tight lipped about exactly what is being sent. Alliance sources, estimate that the UOX fleet being sent consists of: 2 Escort Carriers (GAL, TANIN), 3 Light Cruisers (ALIA, GEOULA, RESHEF), 8 destroyers (MIVTACH, MIZNAG, MIFGAV, EILATH, HAIFA, AKKO, SAAR, SOUFA), 2 LSSIs (BATSHEVA, BATYAM) and 1 Assault Landing Ship (ETZION GEUBER), under Admiral Zeev Almog.

Wolfer Forces to Join the conflict

Q7 StarDate 3198.090

The Wolfer Royal Navy has despatched its Quadrant 7 Fleet to support the Joint Fleet HQ at Potomax. It is expacted to arrive by about Stardate 3198.110. The fleet is thought to consist of 8 Destroyers: (URANAMI, SHIKINAMI, ASIMOV, HEINLEIN, CLARKE, TOLKIEN, SABERHAGEN, STAPLETON) and 2 LSSIs (SAGAMI, HAMANA), under Admiral Sir Finningly Spade.

Quadrant 6 Summit Q6 3198.070

The Esteeler, Earther and Martian governments of Quadrant 6 have organised a top level summit to plan their response to their Exterminator Threat. Governor Carter (Esteeler), Supreme Councillor Zelazny (Mars) and Imperial Governor Boundy (Earth) agreed conditions to a mutual defence alliance. It is expected that the Sirians and Venerians will join the alliance in due course. They agreed command and control arrangement for combined forces, under the new Supreme Commander, Earther Admiral Leslie Phillips (veteran of the First Battle of Doggie). Phillips is assisted by deputy commanders, Admirals Toho (Mars) and Kent (Esteeler).

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