News of 3199 Turn 1

Venerian 9th Fleet sets out to rescue Chimbe

In response to the reports of an attack on the Esteeler colony of Chimbe, Admiral Borzoi of the VN has let is fleet directly to engage, despite doubts about command and control in the Esteeler colony of Pantenne. There is, as yet, no word as to whether the Esteeler fleet will be following them.

STOP PRESS: The Esteeler government has put it full weight behind the rescue of Chimbe – and it’s fleet at Pantenne.

Venerian Press Release on this great victory.
Dateline – Game turn Zero
The Glorious Venerian Navy to the Rescue!

Humanity faces a renewed threat from the Exterminator menace, they have struck again in a new wave of terror attacks on Human colony systems. This is a worrying development after we thought we had them on the run!

Details are still coming in but the initial attacks in Q6 have included a colony system in the zone dominated by the GFA, a system called Chimbe. Whilst putting up a heroic defence, at least by Esteeler standards, the local defence forces called for help but received no response from the local Esteeler Governor. It is believed that even at this grave time the governor was away at a holiday, some even say a pleasure colony, looking to his own personal needs. We have already seen this kind of attitude from Governor Potato, the GFA governor in Q5, therefore it comes as no surprise to us. Esteeler taxes are for the pleasure and wellbeing of the government but the people have to look after themselves, even down to their own defence

Within striking distance of this colony system was a unit of the Venerian Republican Navy, the 9th Strategic Fleet under the command of Admiral Nicolai “Wild Bill” Borsoi. Despite repeated requests for information and at the least an acknowledgement of their existence these Venerian warriors were champing at the bit, desperate to get to grips with this evil enemy. Political agreements dictate that they could not go to the system without prior permission from the Esteeler administration as this could be regarded as an act of war, but none was forthcoming. Finally the Admiral lost patience, all he and his magnificent men and women could think of was the poor souls on that colony world, being slaughtered by the implacable foe and ignored by their own local government. Throwing caution to the wind, and in contravention of these political agreements, they sallied forth to join battle with the Exterminators.

From amongst those available at the colonial capital system only three Esteeler vessels had the courage to join the Venerian Fleet on its majestic crusade to save the lives of Esteeler citizens. They followed our Fleet to Chimbe, tagging along to see if they could provide some assistance. With steely determination and a Venerian battle cry on their lips the 9th Strategic Fleet burned into the Colonial system, the Exterminators took flight and left as quickly as they had arrived, like thieves in the night. To the eternal chagrin of our brave Venerian warriors they were unable to bring the Exterminators to battle and deal to them what they had just dealt to the poor defenceless Humans on the Esteeler colony worlds of Chimbe.

Whilst retribution could not be meted out at least the colony was intact, many installations were damaged or even destroyed but the majority of the citizens are believed to be alive and owe those very lives to the noble Venerian Navy. The glorious Venerian 9th Strategic Fleet stands ready once again for further action against the Exterminators, ever vigilant and ready to defend Humanity.

All hail Admiral Nicolai “Wild Bill” Borsoi and the Venerian 9th Strategic Fleet, the Saviours of Chimbe.


Governor Alphie Potato and other GFA scientists in Quadrant 5 have created a powerful new computer program which will help Humanity’s forces to victory at Za’ha’dum and beyond.

Governor Potato writes: “As you will all be aware, I have attracted to my entourage at OVER, as butterflies to a gorgeous orchid, many of the brightest and the best. Artists, musicians and supermodels, and even some rather talented scientists!

Under my personal direction, this ‘Brains Trust’ has produced a brilliant invention to help the War Effort. This is a specially constructed tactical analysis computer code named BRAINIAC – specialist space combat software.

A Bright Slave unit has been subtly programmed for deep analysis of all Exterminator intelligence, and its circuits optimised for operational and tactical predictions. The analysis uses the very latest fast fourier transform and guided stochastic algorithms. It will not guarantee Victory, but it should help a lot!

In tests it has proved to be approximately 67.3% more accurate than equivalent combat ship’s computer (which would normally do this sort of thing).

The idea is to send this unit (which is quite small, about 1 cubic metre) with the GFA fleet to Za’ha’Dum to add to the efforts there. The Brains Trust and I are confident it can save lives, and assist with the most effective deployment of the combined fleet. “

NOTE to the military reader: in simulations the use of the BRAINIAC unit has produced combat modifiers in excess of +50% in fleet actions against Exterminator vessels .


Dimensions: 97cm cube

Mass: 800kg, Ti-steel and shielded plascrete casing containing electronic and optronic components.

Power Supply: standard shipboard with X7 backup batteries Interface: BRIGHT SLAVE linked to operational and tactical software suite.

Note: contains no user-serviceable parts.

Governor Potato concludes: “the BRAINIAC unit will be carried initially by Admiral Bastrop in the flagship of the GFA Navy, and the resulting tactical information will be shared with all Human vessels according to the overall command decisions of the Supreme Commander of Quadrant Five forces. I will ask for an evaluation of BRAINIAC’s usefulness in actual combat conditions as soon as practicable, and if it proves worthwhile I will take steps to send BRAINIAC units to Human forces both in Q5 and in other Quadrants, according to priority need and on a non-profit basis. My friends and my enemies will both note how, while other GFA politicians blather and witter about ‘Triumph’, Alphie Potato is helping to MAKE VICTORY HAPPEN.”

Doughbug authorities arrest several members of the security forces

Dateline Doughbug Q4, 3199.170

The Doughbug justice minister said 15 men would stand trial in what is the first time Doughbugian security personnel have been arrested over atrocities committed inin the Furugle Region of the Western Island. The local Planetary Governmen says it would reject any call by the MAFC vote which refers war crimes suspects to the Martian Union Courts The Quadrant 4 MAFC Council is expected to vote on a resolution on whether to send suspects in Dougbug to the colonial court in The Hump. The pro-government militia in the Furugle region are accused of killing thousands of villagers and forcing a million people from their homes. A MAFC commission earlier this year found the atrocities committed in Furugle could be crimes against humanity, and said the culprits should be tried at the MUC – which is supposed to deal with cases of war crimes and genocide. The Justice Minister told reporters a government committee had arrested 14 people in West Furugle and one in North Furugle state. “The objective of the commission is to investigate criminal offences,” he said. “They are going to investigate… rape crimes, human rights violations, crimes against humanity and war crimes,” he added.

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