News of 3199 Turn Minus 3

Esteeler Reinforcements Arrive in Q7.

Stardate 3198.398.

Reports from Potomax, Esteeler Colonial Capital, of the arrival of the 3rd Strategic Reserve Fleet (CO Admiral Talliaferro), comprised of 2 Battleships (BELLHAVEN, REAGAN), 10 Carriers (KRIEG EIN GLIED, BATON DE MARECHAL, HAS HE LUCK, THIN RED LINE, CHARIOT OF FIRE, DRIVE TO EMPIRE, PAY NO HEED, NOTHING FOR IT, ONE GIANT LEAP, CAVES OF STEEL), 3 Destroyers (McAULIFFE, SCHWARZKOPF, OWERU) and 5 LSSIs (YENISEI, MEKONG, MURRUMBRIDGE, TRANSAXLE, ST LAWRENCE)..

Dangerous Sewer Infestation

Dateline PeniiI 3198.375

Following recent sewer extension works in the major city of Brandywine on the Earther Colony world of Penii III, a serious infestation of some sort of predatory life form has halted work, and is causing serious health concerns. Official Penii City Authorities spokesperson said “Really, there’s nothing to worry about – its just a few wild bugs. We’ll have the situation under control very soon now. As far as we’re concerned, it’s just another bug-hunt”

Dockyard Strike Crushed

Dateline Gryt Q7 3198.360

Dockyard workers brought the Naval Repair Yards to a standstill in Gryt System. Outraged at massively increase working rota and ‘insensitive and criminally inefficient management’ the Orbital Worker’s Collective was demanding increases in privileges and reduced workload. The increasingly repressive Al-Fexit Regime responded by branding the strike illegal, the strikers as traitors, and sent in the Marines. 43 Strikers are reported killed and many hundreds wounded or seriously injured. The Repair facility is reported as ‘only scratched’ by officials – but independent sources say it will by at least a month before it is back on line.

State of Emergency Declared in Earth Colonies in Quadrant 5

Dateline D’Has 3198.399.

In accordance with the Earth Empire’s Emergency Powers (Colonies) Act 3172 Lord Bailey, the quadrant governor has taken on Emergency Powers. As the official statement says: “This state of emergency will last for 100 days but may be subject to renewal at that point until the war with the Exterminators is over”.

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